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July 26, 2022

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FreightWorks recruiter Reg Moody knows life on the road. As a driver, he showed his daughter Madison what makes over-the-road experiences spacious and special.

Reg Moody

Reg once was a professional driver for FreightWorks, now he is a recruiter.

Madison Moody

Reg Moody's daughter


reg i've said this to you before you're very quotable there's a whole little book of reg moody quotes that i could come up with just in the short time i've i've known you well if you're a female and a truck stopper or restart always helps to have a holstered cattle dog okay welcome to life of the mile delivered by brakeworks one of america's fastest growing podcasts actually produced by trucks indicted to tell stories compelling drivers i need to do something bigger industry all here right now

this is like by the mile delivered by freightworks i'm your host butch malthy and uh i just am going to love this episode that we're going to do you know why i'm glad you asked because we've got reg moody and his daughter madison loki their dog was going to be here the promise is that that's going to happen sometime in the days ahead but we're going to do an episode that i just think is very heartfelt it's going to be roughly titled a dad and daughter talk about trucking so welcome both of you and uh reggie you know what when you and i were sitting in your office and we started talking about your life which by the way is unbelievable you have more stories about more things than just about any human being i've met before that's the truth but one of the things that always makes you happy even in the midst of a difficult day is when you talk about madison your your daughters so uh welcome both of you thank you thank you okay well let me let me start out by asking this question i'm going to start with you madison uh when were you first exposed to trucking um so dad started driving trucks um in 2016. so i was a senior in high school he was in truck school um over in asheville and i went to eat lunch with him one day and that actually was my first like road trip yeah because i had gotten my license a couple years earlier um and so i had packed the truck with the dog waters in case something happened you know all the yeah all the stuff in case even though i was just driving an hour to asheville but that was the first time i'd actually experienced it was like a rolling picnic yeah right yep um and then i think now we barely even get gas in it so yeah we're okay you know what he's warming up and it's going to be this way the whole 30 minutes i can tell but it's good okay so then when then what happened um then he drove for a couple for about six months at um his first company and then he came to freight works um and then ensued i had to i helped him clean his truck every time he came home got it ready you cleaned the truck yes we washed it we va i vacuumed the inside of it um yep detailed it armor all the floor every all the stuff washing let me ask you this real quick did you learn that work ethic from him yeah yeah that is so great that's amazing yeah you never told me you had your private truck detailer in your daughter yeah okay all right so that was your first exposure then you just kind of saw him in in that industry right and now now you jumped in at some point right i mean you're familiar with the industry tell us about that um so when he started working locally i the husband of the lady that manages the company locally he approached me one day when i dad and i got back from a trip and he said would you want to work in the office are you good with computers and excel and all that and i said yes i am he said would you want to work in the office and i said absolutely so i've been there for about two and a half years great and what do you do um i do billing i do the fuel tickets i do the ifta i do mileage reports um all the banking stuff scheduling all all the things that's that's incredible reg and and you uh you so so you have a daughter that actually is in the industry too yes i do well let me ask you this reg when you uh anticipated the opportunity to go on a trip with your daughter uh talk about that first trip that you took not just to asheville but can you describe want both of you to jump in on this because what's going to happen is you're going to have some details you remember that maybe he doesn't because you know we're right we're getting older who is well both of us sometimes memory slips a little bit so she's going to add some color commentary perhaps at some point but tell us about the trip set it up with the detail that you gave me in your office the other day um i think one of the fir she madison did she was not allowed to ride with me at my first company but when i came to freight works

it was over thanksgiving and uh we ate thanksgiving we ate thanksgiving dinner and joyce asked me to join sakura yeah yeah to do uh because no bananas to go up pick up a load of bananas and bring them down to salisbury and then go back and get another load and madison went with me she and i went um that was actually the first trip you ever took was chili in the truck yes chili was in boys tell people real quickly who chili is or was or skill is in your heart he's our dog he's uh he's ever since i came to freight works he's ridden he wrote every mile that i wrote and and matt just real quickly madison we'll get back to the trip you were telling me that i mean you you went to get chili right or something yeah where'd you go um so chile he flew from oklahoma when we first bought him from oklahoma to charlotte and we died and i drove to get him at the charlotte airport then we went on to a 4-h event that i had uh in greensboro yeah um and from that moment on chill wherever dad went or wherever i went chili was right there with us okay we're going to folks we're going to unpack the details of chili so you're going to want to stay with this episode make sure that you like subscribe engage and share life of the mile delivered by freightworks let's let's go back to the story of the first strip oh the bananas yeah well we did the bananas and then uh madison that was thanksgiving and then she rode

we came down and went to washington state no yeah yeah yeah the next trip was we went to washington state okay we owned frozen chicken frozen chicken yeah that was when all i hauled was frozen chicken apparently uh seriously i hauled a lot of frozen chicken okay there you have it folks and uh

yeah we she and i went to washington state that december that's when we got hit by the windstorm that's when we got hit by the blizzard and we spent christmas christmas eve christmas day and the day after christmas in a truck stop parking lot in a hotel and we were the only truck there you know what's so interesting to me is how is it that you were so adaptable how old were you then i was probably 18. yeah but i mean that's pretty adaptive to jump in the truck and go with your dad i mean that's amazing it's amazing yeah well no we had been showing horses since she was like eight or nine years old so pretty much every weekend we were gone at least 20 weekends a year to horse shows all over the u.s well you know i'm going to say this because i'm in a position outside of your family and relationship to say this you have a real special relationship as a dad and a daughter it's just real clear uh reg even going into your office and seeing a picture there on your desk that's you know i don't use the word precious very much that's precious you know i had a dog i had three teenage daughters at one point and a son and and and we she was involved with quarter horses and uh so i had a partial interest in a horse named shrek and it was incredibly expensive they are yeah but dads do that right yes we do so tell me a little bit about your first impressions uh getting getting in the road sitting in the right seat there and um

well it was a little intimidating at first um obviously because

you're you've got this big product behind you and you know hopefully everybody pays attention to you when uh you pay attention to everybody you saw reckless drivers yeah for sure yes um and us we saw that showing horses um i just remember dad always saying when we would pull a horse trailer you leave room to stop and i mean almost all every time somebody would swerve in and take our room that we would have to stop um and it actually happened one time and the traffic jam and dad had to slam on the brakes and the horses fell in the trailer um so that was always kind of my hope is that okay people are obviously going to recognize that there's this ginormous truck and you know hauling a heavy load we need to kind of drive carefully um and then the sleeping in the truck was a little difficult but you got used to it and dad likes to keep his vehicles cold enough to freeze meat so that was a bit difficult as well was how cold it was in the truck right well you know what there is something though i have to say this it can be a church or a school or a home there there is often an epic battle over the thermostat yes so it just happens in a more confined space you know reg what was that you were telling me a little bit about now tell me about truck stops what were your first thoughts about those and uh how did you get used to them so we would stop at truck stops on the way to horse shows and dad would fuel up there mainly because they had water spigots that i could get water for the horses and so i had a couple weird encounters and i was a little unsure about it but i had chili at truck stops and so i would take chili with me i remember we went to and the same thing with rest areas we went to a rest area i want to say in maryland um late late late one night and i was like dad i don't really want to go in there by myself and he's like we'll take chili so i took chili um and so what kind of breed was chili he's was australian cattle dog a red healer um so i just kind of learned that when you go to truck stops as a female or you know any rest area late at night um kind of keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings go get what you need to get done and go back and always take a 50 pound dog with you yeah you know what reg i've said this to you before you're very quotable there's a whole little book of reg moody quotes that i could come up with just in the short time i've i've known you well if you're a female and a truck stopper or esther it always helps to have a holstered cattle dog okay and you know what you've grown up with this yeah yeah and it's what makes it so sweet and and precious now let me ask you this do you have one or two stories from the road that you remember that are particularly pronounced like like something that happened or you know i talk about it as a museum of memories just something that you'll never forget yeah um definitely the windstorm in wyoming talk about what set it up what what happened um so it was i think it was probably 60 65 70 mile per hour winds and it was my first one of my i think it might have been the trip over christmas yes it was the first trip i was like fresh of you know kind of riding with dad and there were just trucks laying on their sides everywhere and i was like oh my gosh this is it this is where we blow over this is it how am i going to get out of here you can certainly feel it right yes um i think the fastest we could go was probably 15 miles an hour um and you could just feel the truck just sway back and forth and i was like dad are we gonna were you loaded yes um and i asked dad i was like are we gonna blow over because if we are i gotta have a plan of how to get out of here he's like no we're not gonna blow over we're fine you're fine sit down you know you're fine and i was just was like okay we're going to blow over now reg was this a trip where you had conversations with uh joyce oh yes yeah go into that story is too great not to tell yeah it was it was interesting and we were we i we never got over 10 or 15 miles an hour how long did you have to go with that speed 10 10 hours we drove 150 miles which begs the question why didn't we stay at the truck stop but we're going down through there we are seeing trucks over on their side and i mean madison starts counting them i think we got up to like 28 or 29 trucks they were either blown over on the shoulder or in the median and she said and we're in a kenworth and she's like oh i'm feeling better about this i said why she said it's just volvos that are laying on their side okay okay and and for uh those folks that we know are from volvo that watch life of the mile uh he said that sweetly but it is accurate i guess from their experience i don't know i don't know but you know it was it was interesting because then i got to looking to see what trucks were laying over now you don't have your cdl but you have driven a truck right

i'm not asking you to make i'm not asking you to make a safety confession here trick question yeah i don't uh probably you don't want to answer that question okay i pulled the truck from the barn to the house which is about less than probably 100 yards i guess a better way to ask it is you've had short experiences of knowing what a truck is like yes okay what is it like i mean for a lot of people that most people haven't obviously driven a truck before i mean what's it like to have a truck that's big and unwieldy that you you're controlling um so i don't know how to drive a manual truck a manual vehicle regularly and so dad's kenworth was a 13 speed so it was very strange to me and he would he explained it to me one time to try to pull it down to the house so we could load all his stuff instead of walking it up to the barn and back to the house and vice versa and so he said put your foot on the brake and your foot on the clutch put it in low and let your foot off and you'll feel it catch and ease your foot off the brake i was like okay well that's easy enough well it wasn't it took me probably 15 minutes to figure out what the heck he was talking about um could you feel it i could and and it took a long time for me to be able to and so um i would just when i would feel like the truck kind of start to sit down i would take both feet off of the brake and the clutch and um sometimes we spun a little gravel sometimes it was a little jerking and stuff would fall off the shelves um it was not the way it was supposed to be done but that's the way i figured out how to do it okay and to get it to go forward okay did it get better yeah it got better um i was actually able to give it a little bit of gas

the longer i pulled it down let's let's uh cross over a bridge into a different topic that i know is really close to home for both of you and it is for freight works you know freight works is a company that's extremely pet friendly we believe that pets are more than pets they're part of the family and i want you to just in in honor really of chile tell tell us about chile and chile's role in your driving career just paint the picture both of you how do you start uh one of the reasons i came to freight works is they let me ride around with my dog because he went everywhere i did and pretty much every time i walked out of the house to go to work he was beside me he was in the truck and he never never did not want to go would he know when you were getting ready to go yes how would he know when i started getting my things ready he had a little bag that we kept his toys and his food in and i'd get my bag and then madison would get his bag ready and he'd run stick his head in his bag like he was really checking it out and he knew that's we were gonna be leaving in the next 12 or so hours and then the morning i'd get up get ready he would run down to the truck and just sit down and stare up at the door oh he had a um another thing that kind of showed the kind of he noticed was he had a show caller what we called he had a show caller and a house caller um so his show collar was leather with sterling silver on it um and so we would get his collar down and i would always get two bandanas down because he always wore bandanas that's how he knew he was leaving and i would put his show collar on and he would pick which bandana he wanted to wear oh that is too sweet yeah um so when he picked his bandana and we got that leather collar on he was like all right let's go so what you're also saying about chili is chili had fashion sensibilities oh yeah isn't that sweet oh yeah that is that is fine and where would chili sit in the truck in the passenger seat and if i rode he would stare at me and then he'd look at dad like what is she doing she needs to get in the back yeah that was his feet yes it was he had a bed in the back he would get down and take naps but for the most part he rode in the seat now for people that don't know how many pets do you see on the road how many others do a lot of driving a lot yes yeah and what give an idea of okay you stop at a for the night what do they do you just find a place to walk them or or yeah yeah yeah it forces you to get out and walk around which is not a bad thing um it is like madison said sometimes a protection issue uh because a dog's going to pick up on things faster than a human

nobody's going to open the truck door and if they do they're not they're going to be you know met with teeth um and it it's just it's comforting i enjoyed it he was my friend you know uh we would eat dinner together we he slept down at the end of the bunk uh we get up in the morning get ready to go together uh it's just comforting you you know what you know what reg you know what i'm learning then where i talk to you that's right it's frightening but going no for all the for all the crusty prickly exterior that you may project you actually are pretty soft inside you're pretty soft inside you care about people you care about animals i do care about animals

this is why it's good for you to travel with them yeah so you can help them out now let madison let me let me ask you this so um tell us about your work now i mean do you like it do you see yourself staying in this or what do you think yeah um so what do you like about it i like everything really um it's not i mean i've got my usual my same day today um stuff that i do you're talking at the truck company yeah yeah um so i've got my usual day-to-day stuff that has to be done um and then there's always an issue it seems like and not really an issue but there's always a problem solve or an opportunity to deal with yes you like doing that yeah i do um it gives it i kind of feel like it gives my brain something to sort through um and a little bit of a challenge and i like that that's that's good and reg let me let me ask you this uh and i don't want to put you on the spot but you know it it because you've got such a great relationship you know as a dad and a daughter you know what what how did that come about i mean you obviously have invested time and a daughter and the relationship and shared experiences and and and all the like but you know it it's it's unusual enough for me to have wanted you to come on to talk about it i mean what what what what to what do you attribute that well [ __ ] i've got one child and madison's it besides the furry ones besides the four-legged furry ones and so i mean i just put all my attention into her well and you've made it a priority that's clear which which is great now let's do this let's honor chile for a minute can we do that yeah tell us about chili so that the people that won't know chile in the flesh will somehow know them what what made chile special um everything i mean like i was telling you earlier i grew up i was truly loyal oh yes protective oh yeah sweet when he wanted to be when he he was the type of dog um that he loved you and you knew he loved you but he loved to be pet he did not want to be held if he he wanted to be held when he wanted to be held um he would sit on the couch with you for maybe five seconds and he'd be like all right i'm done bye you know he had his own couch at the house and he did not like you to sit on his couch that was his couch um he was he was probably one of the closest uh human-like dogs i've ever met dad would fix him a thanksgiving plate and he would eat thanksgiving with us christmas you know all of this is just adding to the legend reg that you already have around here or the psychosis well whichever one you now let me let me ask you this you know the mark of a good conversation as they go quickly and we've only got a handful of minutes here left tell me a little bit about why you think it can be good for drivers to have pets it's more than just an uh an entity in the in the cab well why do you think it's good for him well no it it is from a companionship standpoint i mean um you said something in your office that struck me about you maybe you wouldn't drive if you didn't have chili with you oh i wouldn't have i wouldn't have because he was my best friend um he didn't talk a lot he wasn't a great conversationalist uh but he listened but he did listen uh in all aspects um yelling at traffic he was like looking out the window going i see that um

you know complain about pricing yeah i know um

it's just companionship well and and we've been told by other go ahead it's very difficult to go and be gone for days weeks on end and all you have is a telephone so it does help

well you know one thing that we're going to do in the days ahead is we're going to tell more and more about why freight works is a pet-friendly place and if you're a driver and you're considering the possibility of changing companies we want you to consider freightworks we're not a perfect company we make mistakes but you know what we won't lie to you we keep our promises and it's a company that believes in the power of pets to really encourage your life and enhance the quality of it and so i know i talk to a lot of drivers that say it's one of the reasons why they came here well it is the reason i originally wanted to be here so he's he's living proof you know this is reg and madison moody and uh it's a father and a daughter but they understand trucking and logistics this is the point of the program where we give you gifts and i do like a qvc imitation here so i'm going to start with you madison i'll come to you last okay okay so we've got a couple of options here we've got the breakworx one cap which a lot of people like this is freightworks one studio by the way we've got a genuine yeti mug with a life by the mile logo great works one logo of course yeti has its own culture these ones are really great at mats it's the leather life of the mile patch and a patriotic theme in in the back and then we've got these beanies you know winter will be here before yeah it's a little hot so which which one of these would you like um i think the leather patch hat isn't that something well there you go that's that's our giveaway don't want another yeti no i've got plenty yeah i think do you collect these i do i have about every color unbelievable okay and we thought at one point loki was going to be here so reg i would like to make it i would like to make a presentation to uh uh to loki and can you can you stand in for loki for that will that be okay i can't i don't know that i can pan as well okay and my ears are not pointed it was it was so interesting because what you said is make sure that you take care of loki if loki comes so the first thing that we have is we've got this tough duck dog toy for all of that aggression that loki may feel at the end of a bad day this is a duck that he can just rip apart you do realize you made my weekend interesting right yes and we also also have this heartland farms i'd love to get to the place where someday we can say this episode is brought to you by heartland farms heartland farms buffalo jerky there are no artificial additives there that's buffalo bison dinner

and then this is beef bully juice now these are the most gifts we've ever given to any guest anna especially a guest that's not here i'll bring him down you have to bring them back these are the bull beef bully chews do you want to see the duck when he comes back you can bring the duck back and uh you know it it probably will look like it needs a shelter and you know and you know what i want to i want to go ahead and do this i know that you work here and you can dip into the different products that we have but uh you know i can't help but notice that you have a very distinguished cranium and when it

when it's time for winter to come we don't want you to feel like you got to deal with severe weather anymore so i want you to go ahead and take this just tuck it away madison will make sure you know where to find it if you have any trouble when winter winter comes did william have anything to do with this uh william did not have anything to do with this so there's plausible deniability this is reg reg moody just make sure he knows make it an easy place so he doesn't have to tax himself to look for it it's reg moody his daughter madison we were going to have loki but they promise that loki will come back this is life by the mile delivered by freightworks make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel we're on audio platforms everywhere like share engage help us build the audience and we're going to be talking more about freight works and our pet friendly policy here they're not just animals they're part of the family here at freight works and it's been a delight to hear you talk and uh you know i i just i love the opportunity to let you peer into the very unusual interesting eclectic and unique world we call freight works and you know what reg there are few people that represent all those things better than you thank you you're welcome have a great day all right thank you [ __ ] thanks for watching this episode you know life by the mile delivered by freightworks is one of the newest largest and fastest growing podcasts actually produced by a trucking company now we want you to like and share this episode if you'd like to see more episodes click here and make sure that you subscribe to the channel by clicking here we'll see you there


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