Lindsey Trent

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April 14, 2022

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How can trucking companies reach out to the next generation of drivers? It is important for every company to entice more young talent to start their careers in the trucking industry. There are many career opportunities in the trucking industry, and the challenge is to present these to young people in a way that is aspirational, enticing, challenging, and fulfilling. Here’s where the Next Generation in Trucking Association steps in to help, as they promote trucking as a positive, fulfilling, and rewarding career for young people. NGA President and Co-founder Lindsey Trent sits down with Life By The Mile to discuss how they are helping create more CDL driver and diesel tech programs around the United States, educating parents, teachers, and school counselors about the benefits and opportunities in trucking, and foster community for young people in trucking. Earn well, see the world, and make new friends that become family. For NGA, FreightWorks, and Life By The Mile, this sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime we’d like to share with the world.

Lindsey Trent

President and Co-Founder of Next Generation in Trucking Association


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