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September 30, 2022

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Joyce Siqueira is VP of Operations at FreightWorks but does much more than sit behind a desk. She interacts on the company's behalf with industry leaders like McLeod, speaks in settings like their annual conference, and searches for ways to achieve apply cutting-edge technology applications to the FreightWorks team. Helping truck drivers succeed is our goal and in this podcast, Joyce makes clear (again) that at our company every decision is focused on building a driver-centered culture. Listen and learn!

Joyce Siqueira

Joyce has been in the trucking industry since 2014 when she started with FreightWorks. Learning from the ground up with planning, driver management, safety, recruiting, customer service, maintenance and accounting, she understands what it really takes to move truckload freight.


welcome to life of the mile delivered by freightworks one of America's fastest growing podcasts actually produced by Trucking indicted to tell stories

all here right now Mr light by the mile delivered by Freight works and I'm Butch Maltby your host and this is a special report we're going to start doing more of this Joyce Sakura is the vice president of operations for freightworks here in Rutherfordton North Carolina and uh Joyce you were at the McLeod conference and just real quickly for for those of you that are that are watching uh we want to make sure that you like share and become part of this life of the mile team uh since 1985 McLeod software has provided powerful transportation management Trucking software solutions to the trucking industry and you're there as a not just guest but as an industry three experts so welcome coach thank you how are you today you know it's it's been it's been a full day but a great day and and tell us a little bit about McLeod and why you're there sure um so this is McLeod's future conference uh they do it annually uh we're in Nashville Tennessee this time at the Music City Center um I had the privilege of speaking on a few panels at this conference I did one this morning we'll be doing one this afternoon um so why are we here we're here to work on I was improving our software our efficiencies our um our Tech staff what are we doing what are we doing good that we can share with others where do we need help with that we can learn from somebody else who's doing something with the software or even just within the industry um had a lot of good conversations had lunch with a few friends uh both from the cloud and um other trucking companies sharing best practices how you solve this how you solve that everybody's very open happy to share um there's definitely a community that um we're all just in this together to solve the problems in logistics now for people Joyce that don't understand because we know we've got viewers and subscribers on YouTube that don't really understand but they're curious about the trucking and Logistics industry can you describe in Lay persons terms what McLeod does what does it do for us so McLeod is what they call a

IDs moving Freight so McLeod does both truckload asset side as well as brokerages that don't have their own trucks but they're hiring somebody else's trucks uh they also have things that work in the LTL less than truckload world as well as of whole slew of other things that you can tack onto their base products to help you with the different things depending on which type of Transportation you're doing so as far as how it actually functions it works it has everything in it from your customers to the loads to the trucks to the drivers um your rights your billing your invoicing your pay your settlements um it does kind of all things around moving a load great and and and I I know when you go uh you are obviously in the center of everything happening here at freightworks when you go out into the industry can you tell me a couple of things that you're picking up or you're hearing about what's going on in the trucking and Logistics world right now um sure of course um at this point in time there's a lot of talk around the trucking Market softening we've just been through two years of the strongest carrier Market that's been I I'm not a statistics or anything and but it's certainly anybody's most recent memory um there's probably a lot of people who've been in trucking they haven't seen a carrier market like this in their entire lifetime so um it's been an extremely strong market for the for the carriers um that's starting to soften a little bit the rights are starting to slip a little bit of a lot of vets may may not be driven but the interest rates are climbing the inflation is definitely climbing um and so there's a lot of talk around you know what's what's coming in the future um there's also a lot of talk around the supply chain issues not just because we are the supply chain but because we have supply chain issues in and of ourselves you know getting parts for trucks is is a huge problem somebody said yesterday you know sure there's driver shortages recruiting challenges and different things but if there's a truck part that begins to depends somewhere it's probably because the part is on backorder so I mean there's different struggles that the industry faces at large that everybody shares in you know it's always people that have had the opportunity to uh watch Life of the mile know about your your story one thing I want to ask you I I watch you kind of from afar but I get up close and I see the way that you navigate so many different driver managers drivers Executives and others you know what what is the thing that gives you Joy I mean you obviously have joy in the journey and uh and and in the middle of sometimes I'm gonna say chaos I I've watched you and you just you've got that centered place about you where does that come from and what gives you Joy in your work well I certainly love what I do Butch I couldn't interrupt myself a better job description uh Logistics is um it's pretty crazy uh it's me stay very busy it's a very intense industry to be in um the thing that gives me the voice Joy is seeing things succeed um especially working with my team members um people in the industry whoever it's the interactions with people you know helping people do what they're what they're doing well better solve problems um it's a pleasure well and it and it comes through and there are a couple of uh a couple of our teammates that are there with you correct yes I have Dana matis our brokerage manager with us and and Financial Manager and um they're off somewhere learning or doing something yeah and and you and you know what in the midst of all of the changes the trucks coming in the drivers coming and going there needs to always be a steady sense of uh of what the company is all about and and Joyce Joyce that is you I'm going to ask you one more quick question then we'll be done with this special kind of industry update with Joyce Kira the vice president of operations for freightworks what what is it that you believe you may take from this conference that will help our drivers and help the company uh there's gonna be several things it's hard to just say one um had several good conversations with different people just even around our planning practices you know best practices and pricing um a customer selection lands you run um and Driver retention recruiting um there's we've talked about a lot that we'll be taking back to the team excellent all right well uh I I want to make sure you know that while you're there in Nashville right yes sir you're right uh while you're there in Nashville the team is working here to tell our story and uh this life of the mile delivered by freightworks I'm your host Butch malpe Joyce Sakura she's at the McLeod conference this happens every year correct yes sir right and she's done some some sessions and she's there learning a lot we're she's going to bring it back it's going to help the company and uh Joyce thanks thanks for taking a couple of minutes to be with us today thanks for having me Butch all right it's a blessing take care thanks for watching this episode you know life by the mile delivered by freightworks is one of the newest largest and fastest growing podcasts actually produced by a trucking company now we want you to like and share this episode if you'd like to see more episodes click here and make sure that you subscribe to this channel by clicking here we'll see you there

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