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January 24, 2023

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When businessman Gary Joubert made the switch from businessman to trucker, he got mixed reactions from friends - an expected reaction since this career path is uncommon for people with Gary’s resume. But when his friends thought about it and after hearing Gary’s passionate explanation why trucking could be the most fulfilling move he’s done in his career, these same people now understand why he made the leap of faith. And if you’re considering a career in trucking, maybe this is the episode that could educate, prepare, and inspire you to start your trucking journey. Learn how former corporate professional and businessman became a successful professional driver enjoying the open road on this episode of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Gary Joubert

Gary Joubert is a FreightWorks' Professional Driver


it's not that difficult to drive you have to have a little bit of focus not a lot but you got to have it in your heart to realize that getting that truck down the road safely is the way you make money and so that truck right that that check gets bigger the more that truck goes down the road welcome to life of the mile delivered by freightworks one of America's fastest growing podcasts actually produced by Trucking indicted to tell stories compelling driver's story I need to do something insightful industry all here right now this is life by the mile delivered by freightworks and you know what folks make sure you subscribe go to all the audio platforms for us and you know what I'm I'm so grateful to be here with you Gary great to be here again it's uh such a fun time to come back to North Carolina and be here today always a blessing and lots of fun lots of fun see see my friends and get to spend a little time up here in the mountains now your name reminds me of all of the uh folks that I knew in LaPlace Louisiana Indiana so yes yes as we talked about last time my name is uh my last name is Juber uh French from uh Prince obviously came from Paris or the the French area there was a famous uh Street in uh in Paris named Rouge Uber after which is some famous General that lived there and so yeah the family came from France and moved down to Central Louisiana you have had an incredible wife Gary and uh so so tell us about how you ended up in trucking Okay so so I ended up as a I was a corporate guy for years and I gave up my career to follow my ex's career and then when I moved on from there and things didn't work out as life does many times for all of us so I moved on to to do something different I was a business owner and I really enjoyed that but I didn't join it enjoy it because it was in construction so I moved out of construction when covet hit it was a great time to move on wanted to do something exciting and fun in my life tired of sitting around in office staring at a screen so I decided to go to trucking school and get back into Trucking I had done it through college a little bit in college one of the many ways I paid my way through college and so I decided to jump right back into it and it's been fantastic that that that's that's amazing and and uh you know your friends I'm sure back there in life probably said we would never believe that Gary went there right I can't tell you how many times people have laughed at me uh about it when I tell them yeah what I'm doing now and uh yeah for my from the uh sitting dress like this every day to sitting behind the wheel of a truck uh and yes everyone laughs at me everyone enjoys a quite a chuckle about it I can't believe it uh I I don't think I've ever let's see I'm trying to think if there was any one friend that said wow that's unbelievable I can't believe you're doing oh they say they're unbelievable I can't believe you're doing that but they're almost shocked uh so most people don't find in a good way but many people have been very supportive of it no doubt about it very supportive lots of fun they think it's great for me I always love traveling anyway I've always loved seeing the us so I for me it's been great it's been fantastic and I get to do it every day Gary when when you were young what was there something in you that had a heart or out there great question I remember when I was in college that's a fantastic question when I was in college I I remember my I was sitting around with a bunch of maps on my wall and I had taken finance and taken some geology in college and when I my parents would instead of giving me gifts they would give me some money to travel we were not of great means I was a poor kid going to college so instead of gifts at Christmas or birthdays or whatever my my parents would give me a little money to go travel it was always part of a geology trip or something like that in college and so my mom would Mom and Dad would give you that money and and so I'd come home with a map a topographic map and put it on my wall and you know do the old uh pins on the wall kind of thing really yeah yeah I did that somebody I remember my mother and I were standing in the uh my mother and I were standing in the um in my bedroom one day and she was looking around at all the maps and my mother said to me I think she was probably in her I was 21 22 so I say my mother was probably 46 47 and she said you know Gary you will see the world and you'll never have children and she predicted that and and I have I've been lucky enough to see the world and I've Loved traveling all my life it's been my favorite thing to do uh meeting people traveling and so this fits right in with what I would love to do in my 30s I travel the world all the time I used to Loop the globe about twice a month so I never was one to sit around the house much I always wanted to go out and see new things when I travel I don't sit around in in Resorts or anything I'd go out and see something whether it's hiking or seeing a new restaurant or just seeing the area and meeting people and I love to go to tourist traps that are just a little different you know uh and so I enjoy that I really enjoy seeing things and meeting people and hearing their stories every day you know what Gary you you were like the guy in the neighborhood that was always coming to me and saying hey you know what we're going to build a car to go down the road and uh yeah it's it's it's great now now what what are your Joys these days my choice these days are I have a house uh I just got in Biloxi so putting together that house and making it beautiful is one of my Mississippi right Biloxi Mississippi yes yeah uh along the Gulf Coast there which is a beautiful area and you're you're on the Coors I'm on the Kimora's routes so I pick up at a place in Pass Christian we always pronounce that wrong it's got a little French influence but we pick up in Pass Christian and we we deliver all over the U.S okay um and so I'm on that account and so uh my Joys though are being outside I know it's odd because I'm I drive all day but I get to see the outside but I love being outside I've played golf here on Sunday and I love being on a golf course I love being outside that's my favorite thing I'm not a sports Watcher at all I like keeping up with sports certainly but I'm not one to sit in front of the TV and watch sports all day so that's some of my Joys I love cooking um trying to stay healthy a little cook I cook I cook a lot all right so so it's very important for us talk about this yes what should drivers be cooking and doing in their Brakes in their wrecks you know it's it's it's pretty simple to do um first of all I stay away from bread um I try low carb tortillas and to wrap you know the the tough thing about giving up bread is that you you're kind of missing that filling portion of it right you kind of your bread fills you up a little bit well a nice low carb tortilla will do that it's the filling of your belly right right you got to feel your belly fill it pretty fast so that's what I try to do I normally have a low carb tortilla with some turkey some spinach some mayonnaise boom I'm on the road ready to go have a couple of those and that's what I normally have cooking wise you know I have a small instant pot that I can cook in my truck where you do oh yeah of course you know what's what's the old joke right how do you go to a party of 60 people how do you tell which one has an instant pot they'll tell you uh is the old joke but I have an instant pot in a truck I'm lucky now I go home a lot more than I used to okay so I'll cook a chili at home but I make it very simple it's meat vegetables where you know bell pepper onion uh some sort of pre uh package of seasoning uh and then I add that together I try to stay away from the beans for obvious reasons being a trucker you don't have to go to the restroom too often and then I season that up with some tomato sauce tomato paste cook that up uh we'll put that in some plastic ware and off the road I go you were amazing and by the way I ought to figure out a way and freightworks does to get your DNA you're you're you're you're off the charts that's great oh that's what you that's what you need to do but when you're driving and it's three in the morning no oh I have three in the morning it's uh okay I'll give you my I'll I'll tell you the other side of it when I'm it's not so healthy at three in the morning tell me that exists that is a a uh three in the morning it's a mixture of from Love's truck stop or somewhere like that I get a mixture of unsweet tea lemonade and a touch of Mountain Dew and then a a candy bar usually gets me through that little tough time to help me Jesus yeah that's not real healthy I'll say that but that's my get me through a little while but I do stop when when I do get tired I I will stop on the side of the road and take a take a nap do a two-hour nap it's very dangerous to be out there when you're starting to get a little blurry eyed so you don't want to push it past that but you know everyone gets a little tired about you're trying to go till 10 o'clock at night which isn't too late right and so you know about 7 30 when that sun goes down which it is right now in the wintertime and so 7 30 8 o'clock have a little dessert have something like that right now um you get a hot chocolate or something like that mix it with a little coffee that's one of my other guilty pleasures so try to stay away from that a little bit but that's kind of what gets me through the night um you know when you start moving your clock it's very hard difficult to go from a day shift to a night shift especially as a driver right so if I if I'm going along I try to move that up by an hour up by an hour up by an hour and pretty much you know after a few nights your little you're literally driving at midnight and you're fine but to do it from one day to the next I think is actually as I've gotten older I could do it when I was younger but no it's it's just too dangerous what do you believe are the character character qualities for a driver like like what what what do drivers need to have in their heart to be what you are yeah you have to be hard working although the job is not difficult it really is not we we drive it's not that difficult to drive uh you have to have a little bit of focus not a lot but you got to have it in your heart to realize that getting that truck down the road safely is the way you make money and so that truck right that that check gets bigger the more that truck goes down the road so that's one thing you got to be able to entertain yourself a little bit when you call friends and talk to them whatever yeah I I might spend two or three hours a day talking to friends and I have a dear friend of mine that's a truck driver yeah I will do that but no it's great spin there talking and just shooting the breeze with them and talking about life on the road and different things you see and you know an accident and kind of analyze what happened in that accident because you never want to be in one uh things on the road conditions on the road if they're falling behind you a few hours hey face this face up oh this is a great place to stop that's normally what you sell tell them hey this is a great place to stop hey when you're going on the road oh I've been there before make sure and stop here for a cup of coffee or that is a truck stop that's a good one uh this one's not so great so so but the traits you want to have is to go back to your original question is uh you got to be a little bit hard working you got to want to get up in the morning and get going you got to kind of enjoy being on the road and driving if you don't like driving this is definitely not the not the the life for you no doubt about it and it's not the life for everyone I think it's a great way to make a great living but it's not for everyone uh if you want to go home and every weekend um you know have two days off Saturday Sunday become a local driver and you'll do you'll do well at that but it's not a over the road is not a place for people that want to be home every weekend every Saturday and Sunday off no doubt about it it's it's a different life that your weekends or whenever you can have it your weekends maybe Tuesday Wednesday Monday Tuesday or whenever you get around to it so that's some of the traits uh you got to be um the testing is not easy and so you got to have a little bit of memorization skills you got to stay aware you've got to have a calm demeanor so what do you mean about that right when you're going down the road and people are cutting you off Butch and getting in front of you and slamming on the brakes yeah you have got ought to be calm when you do that you cannot lose your cool when you're going down the road and that happens because it's going to happen every day several times a day people are going to cut you off they're going to do this do that so you got to stay calm and for safety reasons not just for them but for you you have to stay calm you never know what you're going to face out on the road so so be calm about that reflect uh stay inside yourself a little bit you can't be high strung being a driver I'm a little high strung but I'm a little kind of hyper right but you can't be high strung in everything you're doing right um and so you got to be a little smart you know some memorization skills you got to look forward you got to plan forward uh and you got to want to do do well in this business uh I I study Finance in college and one of the things you I realized pretty quickly in this business yeah if a person that's 25 years old got in this business and did some decent financial planning of their life and worked hard 15 years they'd be a millionaire retired think about that that's really yes right and that's that's right most young people don't think about I was just sharing this same line with a dear friend of mine that changed his life 11 years ago the man was completely homeless now the man is making six figures of years a truck driver not with us with another company but he it changed this thing whole thing changed bring him home yeah bringing him I will when he has enough time behind the wheel which he needs another few months he'll he'll come over to us yes but now it all changed his life he's now gone from being literally homeless to now looking for a home where he's going to live uh buying a home and then I when I shared with him he's 35 years old now I said you know by the time you're 50 you could be retired he had no thought about that and how do you do that and that's what Trucking can do uh yes the the ability to get into it it's not that hard um it's not easy uh it's about a five-week program then you go training for someone um so you're looking at 60 to 90 days before you get out on your own and the first six months or a little the pay's not great but after a year the pay goes up unbelievably and so from that moment in 15 years you could have a million bucks put away home paid for and you could be retired if you wanted to isn't that an amazing thing and you can do it and it's and I'd like to say it's just at freightworks but I can't say that is it hard yes but anything you're going to do well on what what are the hardest parts of your job uh hardest part I think is um and I'll be blunt you know we spend a lot of time alone I'm single guy um I think the the most surprising thing I've had is meeting other single people uh obviously uh are trying to date um being a truck driver women want nothing to do with a truck driver that was why is that I the the stigma behind it it really what what what what's the stigma um that we're you know well I think no woman wants to tell their friends that um you know what did you you know everyone ask when a woman you know hey I'm dating this great guy when they're talking to their friends I'm dating this great guy what is he uh oh what does he do for a living that's the first question right and so oh he's a truck driver you know they want to say you know although we do well the stigma is we don't do well right and and if you go out to a truck stop sometimes you can see why that stigma is uh is pretty close to your mark sometimes sure so I think that for me personally that's been the toughest part is uh being single and the that sense of what you've become you know they feel like I've given up on my career and uh and so that's been the hardest thing for me no doubt about it for all the people that are in high school they're saying hey you know what I don't know if I should go to college or go somewhere else what would you say you know I'm and I am a college grad so I will say this it's a it doesn't matter if you go to college or not but learn a skill have some skill in life a craft whether you're an electrician a plumber you know no one I don't think everyone has ever met a poor plumber right um so a plumber elect as I said electrician plumber Carpenter a welder right right whatever you do uh I have a I have a friend of mine who as I always laugh at him he barely got out of college and and people pay him 145 an hour now from the time he leaves his shop not on the job site from the time he leaves his shop incredible he builds fuel systems for airports God never spent a day in college and so that is sort of the things that you can do I don't care what you do but learn a skill learn a trade get out and do something activity breeds success I've always said that that's great doing nothing will not breed success go out and learn a skill learn a trade I don't care if you have to get a job or doing whatever but at night time learn something that's particular that you can use in the future in your life to provide for yourself I think that is key going to college is fantastic it was a great time for me I worked hard through there and I learned some great skills but it's not for everyone learn great technical skills be a little focused force yourself to be a little focused and you'll do great in life no doubt about it um and so that's I think that's what I would tell to young people ecology is when I went it's so expensive now when I went to college I remember writing my check right for and probably when you went to college as well yeah when I went to school I think my first semester was 330 dollars and I remember asking the lady to get my little checkbook and I said no no for all class all five classes and she said yeah that's for all five even then I was shocked right and so now I think that same University in Louisiana I think is I don't know if it's five thousand four thousand but it's it's for some people that's completely out of reach and I think it's sad in the U.S what what public upper education has become is is so out of touch that's a whole other thing we could talk about but so College may not be affordable for everyone and and that's okay but learn something learn a skill learn a trade focus a little bit uh and and you will do great in life you know what Gary I I love the fact that we have freightworks drivers that are so insightful and caring like you it's it's incredible what would you say to drivers that are considering coming here this place is a this is this company is a fantastic company uh everything is done as I've said this many times everyone works with the best intention around here mistakes happen things happen I make mistakes they make mistakes no one's drawn in quartered or anything like that so come here and enjoy a great career here you'll you'll love being here you'll like the people everyone to work with is so nice all the time it truly is a fantastic place I want to call it a family but every time you use that and trucking everyone uses this uses that term They Do by the way and they do and and this is not this place is different it really is uh I made a mistake last night and they fixed it so it was it was with my ELD which is my electronic logging device that I forgot to log out of it now I put myself off duty will someone went in and moved my truck and I forgot to log out well they they went in in the system and fixed stop okay someone else had done it and I didn't I forgot to do that I got it at midnight and so mistakes happen we make mistakes um and no one's you know um no one's really um mistakes happen every day through work and missteps that's really not really a mistake that's more of a misstep and we do our best around here to correct those missteps as a team uh and so that's that's why it's a great place the money is good as many miles as like you can logistically give you you go out and do them all the time so that's um so that's a fantastic thing uh the checks are really good and if you're a young person get a year in you could really do well here you could really do well you know if you're starting off right now go get your experience in a year we'd like to see you at freightworks please come to work with us love to have you you need a year experience on the road we still have some manual trucks so make sure you can know how to drive a manual when you come a lot of people getting out of school now have are automatic only uh I think it's called a automatic exception exemption or something like that I forgot the term but uh learn how to drive a manual uh to young people a lot of them you know we all grew up with driving a manual so driving a manual yes yeah everyone did right a lot of kids now have never seen a man what what is good about a manual truck you know I think from a personally there's good and bad I'll say the good thing is good thing is uh Power is automatic and the power is there right to get going down the road in a automatic there's a hesitation so you've got to work know there's a hesitation as that as that as that truck gears down you know nine gears into first gear from 10th to First it takes a little time so the truck kind of hesitates a little bit um I think that's the biggest thing I find besides that I think automatics are fantastic I think you walk out of an automatic and you're not as tired you feel good you you're not physically as tired driving a manual you're physically tired you really are three things that somebody that considers Trucking ought to consider is I'll tell you what it is it's it's an easy easy to get in the business it's you have to have some brains but it's you know in three months you're going to go from nothing to having a having being on your own driving a truck right you'll start getting within three months you're going to be getting that's a very nice paycheck that's one second second is the nice paycheck okay great way to live a great way to make a nice living provide for your family and and provide great and and most companies have pretty darn good benefits and freightworks we have really good benefits so that's number two number three you can retire early and and you can provide for yourself and retire early I know all those three things are kind of mixed but that's the key and I'll go on the fourth thing you're kind of on your own right you kind of you don't have to wake up and go punch a clock at 8 A.M right you you get out of bed make yourself a cup of coffee whatever you like to do exercise whatever but you're kind of on your own you make your own schedule now you gotta move something from Gulfport Mississippi to Fernley Nevada and they're going to tell you you're picking up on Sunday and you got to deliver it on Wednesday that's fine how you get there in between that you got a final DOT regulations of course but no one's telling you how to get there yeah that is you're truly on your own schedule right now some days you got to push hard and go go go but Julie you know you stop when you want you eat when you want you take a break when you want you grab a coffee you grab a tea you have lunch whatever you want to do that's that's on your own it's a great way to make a living easy to get into make a nice living provide for your retirement and you're on your own schedule so those four things make Trucking fantastic that is so powerful the reason people ought to consider Freight works is what um it's a great place to be we're we're in a very inexpensive portion of North Carolina a great place to live if you want to move around here it's fantastic you don't have to we have great management we have really good Administration we've got our own mechanic shop we have people that care really everyone from accounting to accounts receivable the truckers the truckers here are number one no doubt about it and so I think that's that's the key they don't say it they do it every day the people here know that the truckers are the reason that they have a job and they realize they're the first line of an income statement what's the first line of an income statement income statement Revenue right that revenue is those drinkers getting that truck down the road right so they know that here and that's what's really important this is the life of the mile delivered by freightworks this scary and and he is he's an incredible expression of what freightworks is all about if you're interested call us and by the way make sure you hit that subscribe button and he he is one of many that will have here and if you see me on the road please stop and say hello love to talk to you and we'll sit there and chat for a little while love to see you out there exactly great thank you my pleasure thank you

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