Charlie Hutchins

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January 3, 2023

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Imagine this: you’re driving cross-country, with no pit stop in sight for miles. Suddenly, you notice a bug trying to get inside your coffee mug. As you try to shoo it away, here comes another. And another. And another. Now, it’s a full-blown problem - there’s a pest invasion inside your truck. This problem must be dealt with as soon as possible because you want to avoid them causing problems while driving. You’d be surprised at the problems pests have caused for truck drivers across America. To kick off 2023, Life By The Mile sits down with Charlie Hutchins of Hutchins Pest Control as he shares stories about pest problems he’s had to solve for truckers, and tips to prevent insect invasions inside the cab.

Charlie Hutchins

Charlie Hutchins is the owner of Hutchins Pest Control In Rutherford County, NC.


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