Butch Maltby

Butch Maltby is the Communications Director for FreightWorks and host of its new weekly podcast “Life By The Mile.” Colorful driver stories. Important trucking and logistics trends and industry developments. Human interest features and “behind the scenes” features. These are all part of original creative content distributed through a You Tube channel and popular audio platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Buzzsprout and others. Butch has traveled to every inhabited continent around the globe and 104 countries but loves calling western North Carolina home. He’s a dad to four adult children and grandad to seven grandsons. Faith, family, America’s freedoms and being part of an amazing Freightworks business enterprise are all his daily motivations. Our aim is to be the leader in telling the inspiring stories of America’s professional truck drivers

Stephen Kane

On the latest episode of Life By The Mile, we sit down with Stephen Kane and discuss a wellness program offered by Rolling Strong that is specifically designed to help truck drivers stay healthy and active. Whether you're a solo operator or part of a fleet, Rolling Strong's program can be customized to meet your unique needs and goals. Stephen stresses the need for trucking companies to create a culture of wellness for their drivers by providing access to healthy food options, exercise facilities, and support from coaches. By making wellness a priority, companies can help their drivers stay healthy and productive on the road. Drivers - it’s never too late to take charge of your health and enjoy a long and fulfilling career in trucking. Get back on the road to health and wellness by watching the latest episode of Life By The Mile featuring Stephen Kane, delivered by FreightWorks.

Brad Corrodi

Is technology helping reduce truck accidents in America? Nowadays, truck drivers and company owners can have access to technology to help them monitor road conditions, vehicle status, and more. The data can also be used to coach their professional drivers to improve their skills and driving behaviors. In this episode of Life By The Mile, we sit down with Brad Corrodi, Vice President (Fleet Products and Services) at Stone Ridge, to discuss the importance of safety in the trucking industry and how technology can make the lives of truck drivers safer and less stressful. Stone Ridge is a supplier for many truck manufacturers, and their logo can often be found on the back of instrument clusters. They specialize in creating products that improve the safety and efficiency of trucks, such as digital tachographs, advanced driver assistance systems, and other telematics solutions. So, whether you're a truck driver, fleet manager, or just interested in the latest innovations in the trucking industry, this episode is definitely for you! Don't miss out on this fascinating discussion on the future of trucking technology and its crucial role in keeping our roads safe. Watch now!

Clark Reed

Who better to talk to about the latest issues in trucking than a professional truck driver? In this episode of Life By The Mile, we catch up with a professional driver and content creator - Clark Reed. Hear Clark's take on the latest developments in the trucking industry, speed regulation legislation, the importance of safe driving for good fuel economy, training new drivers, the relationship between a driver and the truck, the truck parking crisis, and more. Get a firsthand perspective from a professional driver, and get candid when you join us in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Jason Cannon

On this episode of Life By The Mile, veteran journalist from the Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) Jason Cannon gives us the inside scoop on the important role of responsible journalism in the trucking industry! Jason talks about the crucial role that responsible journalism plays in keeping this vital sector informed, accountable, and transparent. From uncovering the latest trends and developments to exploring the impact of technology on the industry, it is imperative for journalists to deliver accurate and relevant news today to help everyone in the trucking industry to make important decisions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn about this critical component of the global supply chain and the journalists making a difference. Enjoy Episode 126 of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Pat Taylor

Do you know one thing that the Marines and Professional Drivers have in common? It’s a DEDICATION TO FINISH THE MISSION. Take it from former US Marine and current FreightWorks professional truck driver, Pat Taylor. In the latest episode of LIFE BY THE MILE, listen to how Pat uses the discipline he got in the Marines to deliver excellence as a trucker, as well as the toughness to overcome challenges on the road. Pat also talks about how truck drivers feel about electric trucks possibly taking away jobs from professional drivers, and makes a case about how even the most sophisticated machines cannot replace HEART.

Gary Joubert

When businessman Gary Joubert made the switch from businessman to trucker, he got mixed reactions from friends - an expected reaction since this career path is uncommon for people with Gary’s resume. But when his friends thought about it and after hearing Gary’s passionate explanation why trucking could be the most fulfilling move he’s done in his career, these same people now understand why he made the leap of faith. And if you’re considering a career in trucking, maybe this is the episode that could educate, prepare, and inspire you to start your trucking journey. Learn how former corporate professional and businessman became a successful professional driver enjoying the open road on this episode of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Andrew Tisdale

Being a professional driver can be very financially rewarding. But if you have poor money management habits, that money can come and go just like that. Financial problems are a terrible burden for any truck driver, leading to stresses that can make life unbearable. That's why our new episode on Life By The Mile is all about empowering you with the tools and knowledge to become more financially literate while also making sound financial decisions to improve your life. Listen to financial advisor Andrew Tisdale now on Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Samantha Jones

Do truck drivers trust brokers? In the words of Rocketshipping’s Samantha Jones - not in most cases because there are bad brokers, carriers, and shippers. But she is quick to follow up that YOU JUST NEED TO FIND A GOOD ONE. When you do, you’ll find not just a good broker, but a reliable partner who will have your back in the industry. Learn more about the unique partnership of truck drivers and brokers, the state of the brokerage industry, and more from Samantha Jones on episode 122 of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Charlie Hutchins

Imagine this: you’re driving cross-country, with no pit stop in sight for miles. Suddenly, you notice a bug trying to get inside your coffee mug. As you try to shoo it away, here comes another. And another. And another. Now, it’s a full-blown problem - there’s a pest invasion inside your truck. This problem must be dealt with as soon as possible because you want to avoid them causing problems while driving. You’d be surprised at the problems pests have caused for truck drivers across America. To kick off 2023, Life By The Mile sits down with Charlie Hutchins of Hutchins Pest Control as he shares stories about pest problems he’s had to solve for truckers, and tips to prevent insect invasions inside the cab.

Ellen Voie

In part 2 of Life By The Mile’s conversation with Women In Trucking Association CEO Ellen Voie, Ellen talks about the motivation behind the founding of Women In Trucking - how this community is crucial towards empowering more women to take on trucking, giving them the confidence to let their voice be heard in the workplace, and remind them that they can do anything in life that they’re passionate about. This special episode of Life By The Mile goes out to all the fantastic women in trucking - delivered by FreightWorks.

Ellen Voie

Since 2010, more and more women across the nation have embraced the challenge to keep America moving by getting into trucking. Between 2010 and 2019, the number of women truck drivers in the U.S. increased by 68%. More than having a big role as part of America’s supply chain, there are many opportunities for women in trucking, as many who start as truck drivers eventually go on to start their own companies. However, there are still some issues that must be addressed by the trucking industry for it to become more inclusive - things like making sure there is a clean and exclusive shower for women, being aware of unconscious bias when hiring or during promotions, and the like. This is what Women In Trucking Association CEO Ellen Voie is advocating for as the industry rolls on to 2023, to make the trucking industry more aware and more inclusive.

Dean Croke

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released the results of their survey detailing the top 10 trucking industry issues that must be addressed as we head into 2023. Life By The Mile breaks each issue down in detail with DAT Freight and Analytics Principal Analyst Dean Croke. He also offers insight as to why specific issues are ranking higher than usual today, and how the industry should provide solutions. This is a must-see episode for everyone in trucking - tune in now and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Gary Joubert

Would you love a career that you can do for as long as you wanted to, make great pay, see all states in all seasons, and make a difference every day? You should seriously consider trucking. That’s what FreightWorks’ own Gary Joubert discovered as he went back to the industry that helped him get by in college. After a fulfilling career in corporate and trying his hand in managing a construction company, he found himself getting drawn back to an opportunity that pays him well and makes him happy.

Eric Ramsdell

Ask a truck driver this question and see how many different answers you get. For industry veteran and Walmart Distribution Center’s Certified Driver Trainer Eric Ramsdell, it’s CAMARADERIE - a culture where not only are you treated with the utmost respect and welcomed like family, but also an environment where everybody helps everybody. Life on the road can be lonely, and Eric adds that knowing you are part of a group that looks to achieve something great will help keep you heading in the right direction. The 2015 and 2022 National Truck Driving and Step Van Competition champion joins Life By The Mile to talk about great company cultures, the love for trucking, and the camaraderie that truck drivers share. Tune in now!

Anthony Petitte

When you go to the grocery and pick up your favorite bottle of juice, or a half dozen of your favorite fruits, or have something delivered to your doorstep, a truck driver made sure those things get there safely and on time. The food we eat, the things we buy, and the comforts we enjoy - were all delivered excellently by truck drivers. Truck drivers make sure no matter what, no matter how, and no matter when - they WILL DELIVER. No matter how tough the weather is. No matter how long the drive. No matter the long days away from family. The comforts we enjoy today are built on the hard work and sacrifice of all the drivers out there. Would it hurt so much to thank these truckers? Or share the road politely with them? Or help address their concerns? Supply chain investor and strategic advisor Anthony Petitte joins Life By The Mile to talk about the highs and lows of the truck driver living in an emotional and engaging episode, delivered by FreightWorks.

Leah Shaver

How do you attract new drivers and keep your current ones? LOVE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE WHEEL. This is why driver appreciation is so important: the job is rewarding but challenging with long drives, and tough weather conditions to go through, just to deliver excellence. Our guest in Life By The Mile, Leah Shaver, talks about how gratitude is more than just saying Thank You but making sure companies are focused on making sure truck drivers feel the gratitude. These range from welcoming drivers with good accommodations that make them feel relaxed and at home, making sure they are compensated well, that the trucks run smoothly that they have what they need for their trips, and so on.

Jeff Dickinson

Passion brought him to the industry. Productive years gave him wisdom and experience. And now, he wants to keep sharing that wisdom with everyone in the logistics and transport industry. Life By The Mile welcomes Jeff Dickinson to the show - a decorated industry leader who’s held several key positions in supply chain and logistics management, and is now also a content creator focusing on supply chain disruption, logistics management and solutions, and more. Join our discussion with Jeff on how truck drivers need to be given more respect, how women in trucking need to be given more credit, and his thoughts on what’s good and bad in the trucking industry today.

Roland Bolduc

THE CHAMP IS HERE: get ready to hear amazing stories about life on the road from 2x National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion, Roland Bolduc! Life By The Mile is honored to have the 2017 and 2022 NTDC winner share stories about the truck driving industry that only a seasoned driver can tell you - the camaraderie of truck drivers, how truck drivers are usually first to help another motorist on the road, how companies have navigated through challenges through the years, and how sharing his love for trucks with his grandson keeps his passion for the industry strong. Bolduc has more than 2.5 million safe driving miles in his more than 40-year career. He was named an America’s Road Team Captain in 2000.

Birgit Dilgert

Imagine this: you’re looking for a beautiful place to live in - a place with picturesque views of the mountains, you can breathe fresh air when you go biking or hiking, and you’re just a drive away from different cities. This is what it’s like in Rutherford County. But mountains and lakes and beautiful weather aren’t the only things that merit special attention about the county - it’s also the strategic advantage of doing business at a place that’s close in proximity to the metropolitan areas of Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville (SC), and Spartanburg (SC) as well as several major highway corridors. In fact, the intersection of major north-south and east-west interstates in North Carolina makes it a natural hub for trucking access to points nationwide.

Bill Creason

Truck Dispatchers work in a very challenging but highly rewarding environment. At times, dispatches change and can go in a different direction than originally planned. This is why it is important to maintain a level of flexibility and adaptability within the role. A good dispatcher must be able to coordinate trip schedules, manage routes, and handle calls and requests from drivers, operators, and vendors. They must make decisions confidently and have the knowledge to support them. There are also times when a dispatcher finds the need to go above and beyond their duty. Dispatchers deal with human beings with real emotions - and it is important that they connect on a personal level, especially with drivers who are the ones that go through many challenges both on the road and in real life. FreightWorks’ 2nd Shift Dispatcher Bill Creason knows it’s important as a dispatcher to know when to talk business and when to offer an open line for their personal concerns.

Jasmyne Clark

The move from a beauty brand to the trucking industry was a big leap of faith for FreightWorks’ Customer Service Specialist Jasmyne Clark. Admittedly, she knew little about the trucking industry as a whole but knew that she could represent the company well and provide excellent customer service to help grow the business. Providing amazing customer service is important if you want to retain customers and grow your business. In Jasmyne’s words, one needs to be “graceful” as one establishes relationships with loyal or new customers, provides a positive representation of the company, and especially when delivering unfortunate news when the need arises. This passion to learn more about the business and the industry and the courage to switch to a promising industry has helped Jasmyne find not just a fulfilling career, but also grow more as a professional and an individual.

Dean croke

DAT Freight and Analytics Principal Analyst Dean Croke is back on Life By The Mile for a thoroughly informative episode on current freight market conditions and more! If you’re just entering the trucking industry as a new carrier, you will not want to miss this episode. Learn what opportunities are there for you today, as well as what it really costs to operate a truck in 2022, the possibility of a massive shift towards electric trucks in 2023, and what problems may arise from speed limiters. Stay tuned as well for a sneak peek of official Life By The Mile merch that will be made available on our online store very soon!

Mikael Sant

We live in a time where teenagers are learning one or various high-income skills they can use to earn extra income or start a business. Especially in today’s digital age, you see young people getting into business, whether it’s social media management, YouTube content creation, or flipping sneakers and designer clothes, if it’s good business they’re likely to try it. 19-year-old Mikael Sant saw tremendous income potential in starting his own trucking company, and he’s now making $100,000 a month as the founder and CEO of Sant Lines. Learn how landscaping from when he was 12 led to buying his first truck for his company in this fantastic new episode of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Don Cason

A beautiful place to live, work and play - this vision is as clear as the Carolina blue sky for the Executive Director of the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority, Don Cason. With over 20 years of Tourism and Economic Development experience, Don is optimistic that Rutherford County could be the go-to place to live for people who want to get out of the big cities but still live nearby. If you’re a truck driver living in the county or nearby, can you imagine a more vibrant place with booming businesses, beautiful parks, and recreational areas, -and more work opportunities for truck drivers and owner-operators - not to mention the possibility of Highway 74 becoming an Interstate. Listen to the possibilities and more on the new episode of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Jonathan Pennington

It takes a lot to do this job well: quick decision-making, the ability to drive a highly sophisticated machine, the toughness to power through different weather conditions, and more. All these and more make a professional truck driver. Take it from Jonathan Pennington, a graduate of political science who somehow found his way to truck driving. At first, he was motivated by job security and the chance to see all states, but then he fell in love with everything else about truck driving. The sunrises and sunsets. The clear skies and pine trees. The people he met and befriended along the way. Funny conversations over shared dinners. Life stories that inspire and experiences that leave lasting lessons. The chance to do work that matters while exploring the country.

Kevin Stone

Imagine this: you’re on the road, looking to safely make it to your destination. As you drive well within the speed limit, a vehicle comes speeding out of nowhere to cut you off. Then as you prepare to make a wide turn, another vehicle doesn’t give you as much space as you’d like, delaying you as you try and make that turn. And after sitting through heavy traffic and driving non-stop for hours, you are greeted with “what took you so long?” instead of “thank you very much for your hard work!” For driver manager Kevin Stone, it is important to BE KIND when working with truck drivers. As their 24/7 connection to everything else, Kevin wants FreightWorks’ drivers to feel that they have someone they can always call or message for anything, whether it’s a concern with their truck, a question about work, or to just talk to as they power through the long haul.

Alex Leslie

Dr. Alex Leslie, Ph.D. is a research associate at the American Transport Research Institute (ATRI), and he has been keeping a close eye on this situation. Dr. Leslie proposes a stronger emphasis on COMMUNICATION and ADDRESSING CONCERNS specific to millennials and gen z truck drivers. These include: making sure that the company culture is unique to the company and is in line with a candidate’s values, a balanced lifestyle so the company can allow a truck driver to explore their other interests, a clear company vision so that the candidate sees what the company wants to accomplish, and finally - to let a candidate know that their work makes a positive impact, that their role matters in the bigger picture.

Gina Anderson

Years ago, Gina Anderson was concerned when she saw how truck drivers were being trained - in dark classrooms, with TV on, and then just watching on the screen. As an educator at her core who believes that people have different learning styles, this was the start of Learn With Luma’s pivot to the transportation industry. Learning can be face-to-face, as has been done traditionally. It can also be done virtually through micro-lessons, which Gina refers to as eNuggets. It can also be asynchronous, such as when truck drivers listen to podcasts like Life By The Mile. It can be gamified and interactive, so they learn via an application. Learning can also be collaborative, such as when truck drivers engage in a community and share knowledge from experience.

Paul Gibson

When a company’s recruiting pitch to new truck drivers goes along the lines of “We’re going to treat you with respect”, former recruiting manager-turned-videographer Paul Gibson has a problem with that. “How terrible is that job, if being treated like a person is a job perk?” When companies say that, he wants to know WHY. He wants truck drivers to be the HERO of the pitches, and companies should provide their VALUE PROPOSITION. How can companies help provide the tools for truck drivers so they can do their job to the best of their ability? Trucking can be a rough, thankless job, and often spent in isolation. So if a truck driver is willing to commit to you, your messaging should spell out how you are prepared to help.

Josh Farmer

To celebrate Life By The Mile’s 100th episode, we sit with FreightWorks President Josh Farmer to talk about leadership, listening to truck drivers, and using technology to move your company forward. Josh also emphasizes the importance of building a family culture and honoring commitments as some of the main reasons why FreightWorks has seen growth, especially with driver recruitment as of late. Truck drivers, company owners, and trucking enthusiasts - join us as we celebrate the 100th episode of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Joyce Siqueira

Joyce Siqueira is VP of Operations at FreightWorks but does much more than sit behind a desk. She interacts on the company's behalf with industry leaders like McLeod, speaks in settings like their annual conference, and searches for ways to achieve apply cutting-edge technology applications to the FreightWorks team. Helping truck drivers succeed is our goal and in this podcast, Joyce makes clear (again) that at our company every decision is focused on building a driver-centered culture. Listen and learn!

Laura Burgess

Laura Burgess is a load planner at FreightWorks and as daily professional support for our drivers knows the challenges of balancing the shifting needs of customers, the company, and most vitally the men and women who keep freight moving across our beautiful America. Having an eager heart to listen, problem-solving when required, and ultimately honoring commitments made to customers is her professional path, a daily assignment for her often complex responsibilities. There’s nothing “simple” about freight companies keeping America moving. But there are unshakable values like those expressed at FreightWorks, ensuring every load is lifted and a promise kept!

Dennis Barton

FreightWorks driver Dennis Barton doesn’t mince words, cut corners nor offer prepared comments when asked questions like, “What’s really happening out there on America’s highways?” He served our country in the military and now is a “supply chain warrior” helping move vital goods and show up with a needed delivery each time, on time, and with the power of a trucking professional getting another job done. We are blessed by those who sacrifice in order for each of us to live the lives we’re accustomed to but often forget those who make it happen. Real. Unblemished. Unvarnished. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss including a provocative discussion about cameras in cabs! Some drivers wonder about forward-facing cameras and Dennis makes a great case for why every driver should see these technologies as a friend!

TJ Aagesen

Firefighter TJ Aagesen is a seasoned professional in dealing with crises of every sort from his station in Downer’s Grove Illinois just west of Chicago. His resume shows just a few of his capabilities as a Firefighter/Paramedic/Fire Investigator CFI. Everything from accidents to arson investigations has been part of his long days which is why it’s special he gives his commendation to America’s truck drivers in this very special podcast. He retells how vital commercial drivers often become in supporting first responders and makes clear in a Midwest America voice how deeply indebted we all are to those who keep the freight moving and America rolling!

Anne Kidd

On this episode of Life By The Mile, we shine the spotlight on one of the people who help our truck drivers get up to speed and get ready to roll out. Anne Kidd has the title of HR Secretary at FreightWorks but does so much more to help cultivate and sustain the family-friendly environment drivers love. At the front desk for the company she sees new drivers as they arrive with keen attention to detail insuring necessary paperwork is in order, verifications and validations occur and every onboarding driver knows exactly what’s expected of them and specific commitments the company has made. The heart of a company is often found with those you selflessly serve. Anne has that gift, passion, and motivation, as well as a calm, reassuring voice who is willing to talk and listen to the needs of truck drivers in the company. Listen to her perspectives shared with an unmistakable Irish accent!

Shawn O'Malley

For National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Life By The Mile sits down with seasoned driver Shawn O’Malley. Shawn has seen many roads near and far in his 30+ years as a professional driver. His early days included serving as a Marine police officer serving our country. In this episode, he speaks about what it means to be a “road warrior”, how professional driving has changed so much through the years, practical tips on being a safe driver, and insights derived from his colorful life. It’s an interesting open-hearted conversation you won’t want to miss. The FreightWorks family is broad, diverse, and growing. If you’re a driver looking for a new home check us out.

Isaac Guerrero

FreightWorks recruiter Issac Guerrero gives an insightful behind-the-scenes look at the recruiting efforts for the company while also discussing what's happening in the marketplace, what professional drivers are looking for, and how we work to meet their needs. As the mainstream media discusses driver shortages and supply chain issues this episode offers a practical guide for how a potential driver comes on board and the important steps along the way.

Butch Maltby

Life By The Mile podcast host Butch Maltby shares seven things he’s learned about FreightWorks in the almost year since the launch of our podcast. The “FreightWorks 1” studio is just off the beautifully appointed driver's lounge and relying on hundreds of conversations our Director of Communications opens his heart to what he believes makes this blessed company unique and why drivers looking to make a change in companies may want to “kick the tires and look under the hood” of this family driven company.

Andy Kidd

Accidents happen — what must drivers do to avoid them? FreightWorks’ Director of Safety Andy Kidd is back to share his experiences and what made ensuring safety in the transportation and logistics industry his profession. In his 51 years of road safety experience, Kidd believes you could never be too comfortable, no matter how long you’ve been driving. Expressing how statistics and tests have given light to how drivers tend to be complacent, he is advocating that if you want to make it and grow as a professional in this industry, learning to drive safely and taking precautions must be your priority. Check out part two of our driver safety talk with Andy Kidd on Life By The Mile - delivered by FreightWorks.

Andy Kidd

What inspired Andy Kidd to be part of the FreightWorks family? From Northern Ireland, Andy Kidd has been ensuring that FreightWorks promotes safe and effective operations since 2012. In this episode, we will learn how Kidd went from being surrounded by his personal faith to making music around the world; sharing how his life experiences correlate to trucking and logistics and the central truth that safety isn’t “avoiding accidents” but ensuring one understands the consequences for every choice they make. This is the first entry of a two-episode talk with FreightWorks Director of Safety, Andy Kidd. A key part of the interview is the central truth that safety isn't “avoiding accidents” but ensuring one understands the consequences of every choice one makes. Kidd believes that faith is a journey you go through in life -- discerning what is important and how your values change. Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below. This is a Life By The Mile Episode, delivered by FreightWorks.

Jake Johnson

How can your State Representative best serve you? One of the youngest elected officials in North Carolina history traces his passion for service to his college years, while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Minor in Economics - Rep. Jake Johnson knew if you wanted results, you needed to take action, and at age 22 he took on the challenge of public service. In particular, Jake is looking out for the rural communities and the drain from their workforce. He wants to provide the basic infrastructure that will encourage the next generation of talent to come back to the community and help build a stronger future. “I can’t fix a problem that I don’t know about.” - whether you are a trade association, in education, or a trucking business owner, Jake encourages everyone to reach out to their State Representative and start a dialogue so your duly elected official can listen and take action. This episode is a discussion about the future - if Rep. Jake Johnson can help your business or county with something, what would it be? Comment down below as you watch Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

James Reidy

One of the most diverse workforces in the United States right now would be the trucking industry. Take some time to talk to a truck driver today, and ask them about their life story - you’ll meet retired CPAs, nurses, veterans, and just about anyone from every walk of life. Each driver comes with a unique story from their previous careers, beautiful things they’ve seen on the road, and challenges from other motorists. There is always a rich story to uncover. FreightWorks’ own Claims Specialist James Reidy has had a front-row seat to the stories of so many truck drivers, and this point-of-view on the truck driver life allows him to have a deeper appreciation and connection to the drivers. His work has given him access to some of the problems that drivers had to troubleshoot, and the challenges they’ve overcome, and he can’t help but give the ultimate respect to America’s truck drivers. This episode will show you why truck drivers should be appreciated all the more - join the conversation here on Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Cindy Cobb

One of the most challenging but rewarding journeys in life is entrepreneurship. Starting a business isn’t easy, and thriving in today’s market takes a lot of effort. Whether you own a bakery at the corner or a trucking company, businesses big and small can always use a helping hand when it comes to growth. The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to doing exactly that - helping create a healthy environment for businesses to thrive, knowing their struggles and connecting them to concerned government departments that can help, networking and sponsorship opportunities, and even making sure they provide marketing and advertising support by giving these businesses space on their online platforms. Executive Director Cindy Cobb is at the forefront of the chamber’s efforts to build the future in Rutherford County - a long-time resident, she has a genuine love for the county’s history, passionate about engaging everyone in today’s community, because a unified community can build a better future. Find out more about Cindy’s vision for the future on Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Arthur & Logan

Arthur Almeida and Logan Edwards are key parts of the critical load planning function at FreightWorks. In their strategic roles, all the key tasks of getting freight from “point A to B” gets hammered out in daily dialogues with driver managers, individual drivers, and a broad supporting staff. For the uninformed person transportation and logistics may seem as easy as “just get in the truck and drive”, but it’s not that simple! Listen as two young professionals share the behind-the-scenes stories of managing daily stresses and the changing circumstances of professional driving in 2022. There’s more to the story!

Chris Davies

Fleet Manager Chris Davies knows that every truck FreightWorks puts on the road is carrying precious cargo in the form of drivers and those whom they love. While all trucking companies in America deal with breakdowns and wear and tire with those unpredictable moments on highways and byways, at FreightWorks each of these moments is a chance to practically serve our driving team. In an open-hearted conversation, you’ll hear about the values and principles guiding all work in our shop and why phrases like “We’re listening” and “How can we get this fixed and get you on the road?” actually mean something. When you drive for FreightWorks you join a growing family. In this episode, you’ll learn more about the guys we affectionately refer to as “the shop.”

Dr. Shihab Kuran

Dr. Shihab Kuran is the Founder, President & CEO of Power Edison and the Founder & Executive Chairman of EV Edison. These marketplace-leading enterprises point the way to the quickly emerging electrification of America’s transportation sector. As a pacesetting manufacturer and innovative developer of high-power charging solutions intended for electric vehicles, EV Edison for example offers fast-charging stations, for light, medium, and heavy-duty charging. In this provocative episode “serial entrepreneur” Dr. Shihab Kuran explains where the transformation of energy is ultimately taking us and what it will mean for the vital transportation and supply chain sector in the United States and globally.

Reg & Madison

FreightWorks recruiter Reg Moody knows life on the road. As a driver, he showed his daughter Madison what makes over-the-road experiences spacious and special.

Reg & Joyce

FreightWorks VP of Operations Joyce Siqueira and Recruiter Reg Moody have an open-hearted conversation about their own experiences working together as a team to get loads delivered on time safely and meeting customer expectations. While seeming simple and often stated the foundation for great companies is good, caring, and consistent communication. Joyce and Reg share real stories of what works and doesn't on any company’s road to success and bottom line profitability.

Charlie Saffro

Describing herself as “curious, connected, and ambitious” Charlie Saffro is the founder and CEO of CS Recruiting which is an executive recruiting firm specializing in a variety of industries from supply chain management, logistics, transportation, freight forwarding, manufacturing, distribution, technology, and much more. In this fast-paced and insightful episode she pulls back the curtain a reveals what’s really happening in the job market today. It’s 30 minutes that will supercharge your perspective on who and how to hire during these challenging days.

Joyce Siqueira

Joyce Siqueira is VP of Operations at FreightWorks and has helped build this fast-growing trucking and logistics enterprise from the ground up. As she’s developed departments, policies, people, and procedures it's been with a single focus on making life for drivers, more pleasant, and safer. They are the #1 customer of the company. In this episode, a seasoned leader helps unpack and share those elements of the FreightWorks culture which sets us apart and explains how our values and convictions shape everyday decisions. For anyone wondering about how all the intricate gears of a trucking operation come together, this is a great podcast tutorial. Listen and learn!

Michael Krohn

Michael Krohn is a seasoned industry veteran who is Regional Sales Manager for marketplace leading technology company NetraDyne. This enterprise is revolutionizing fleet safety with advanced AI fleet dash cams for commercial vehicles. The company's direction is simple yet profound: Our mission is to transform road and fleet safety by using advanced vision technology to change the way drivers interact with the road around them, therefore creating safer roadways for today and smarter roadways for tomorrow. In this fast-paced podcast, Michael and Butch discuss how technology can enhance driver safety, comfort, and care and the best ways innovative companies can incentivize drivers to “get on board” to a safer and more profitable trucking path.

Candace Rivers

Fit’s Possible Trucking is a resource to help truckers and more get healthier, happier, & know they matter! Founder Candace Rivers tells us “I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time!” In this exciting and fast-paced podcast, you’ll learn how truck drivers can take hold of health and improve their quality of life.

Trey Griggs

Trey Griggs is the Founder & CEO of Beta Consulting Group which helps enterprises of all sizes enhance their marketing, communications, and branding to the benefit of their bottom line. They do this with a company philosophy driven by Biblical values. It’s an insightful and provoking 30-minute conversation sure to get you thinking about how to take your business to the next level.

John Welch

FreightWorks driver John Welch gives a humble explanation of what America’s millions of over-the-road professionals face with each unpredictable mile. There can be menacing weather, inevitable mechanical issues surfacing in the most inopportune moments, and just the physical challenges of managing 80,000 pounds of whatever load is in the loaded trailer. For anyone who’s ever wondered what the “real story” is for the 3.5 million men and women who have a seat in that truck you just passed, this podcast episode will help you appreciate even more the incredible moment-by-moment sacrifices made by the people who keep America moving.

Bud Byers

84-year-old Bud Byers drove for more than 40 years, eclipsed 5 million miles, and had zero reportable accidents! His love of a trucking life and the ability it gave him to provide for his family drives the many stories he tells of life on the road. He retells the incredible experiences driving coast to coast and with a wry smile shares his love of the amazing adventures of being part of a tribe of road warriors. He refers to America’s professional drivers as the “last American cowboys” and after listening to this open-hearted conversation you’ll understand why.

JIm Bishop

Jim Bishop is the owner of WCAB FM 100.9 & AM 590 in Rutherfordton NC. Over many decades he’s seen firsthand the vital role trucking and logistics play in every aspect of American life. Recently he had a childhood wish fulfilled in his first-ever ride in an 18-wheeler. FreightWorks driver Bob Van Kamp took him for a several-hour trek in one of our new Peterbilt 579 Ultraloft cabs. He described the short journey as a “thrill that opened my eyes to just how much we depend on the millions of professional drivers sacrificing night and day to bring all the goods we need and buy.” It’s an authentic conversation painting the picture of truck life in the United States.

Ethan Slaughter

The north star of most truck companies is usually the combination of good pay, home time, and respect. If Christenson Transportation Inc.’s Ethan Slaughter can add something to the mix, he would add culture. Good things can be done by individuals, but great things are done by teams. Ethan makes an appropriate segue into how companies need to make sure their drivers feel that way - as truck driving can be a very lonely job. While most drivers are strong and independent, it would be nice if they know their company has their backs while on the road, that their feedback is received and acted upon, and that there is a genuine connection established between them and the company. Join Life By The Mile’s conversation with Ethan Slaughter about establishing a winning culture in this new episode, delivered by FreightWorks.

Kameel Gaines

In a business looking to make leaps and bounds going forward, there are issues in driver retention, recruitment, and development that can be addressed by looking at what is working right now. Instead of asking what’s wrong, why don’t we look at what’s being done right - and be consistent with that. To find something that works and do it more often, make sure it’s being done all the time. This is what Rig on Wheels CEO Kameel Gaines explains on Life By The Mile as she sits down to talk about retention, recruitment, and all things trucking. In what could be one of the most passionate and hard-hitting episodes, listen to Kameel’s advice to new owner-operators, young people looking to get into the trucking business, and the importance of having a pulse on your employee's feelings and communicating with your drivers daily.

Michael Clements

Life By The Mile’s latest episode sits down with a kindred spirit for today’s episode - Trucking For Millennials podcast host Michael Clements Jr. Much like LBTM’s mission to salute America’s truck drivers, Michael’s purpose is to help new truckers get a head start in the industry by sharing his knowledge on what to do, what to avoid based on his experience and to pick the brains of drivers, owner-operators, and other stakeholders so that he can add value to everyone who tunes in. He also wants young people looking for a solid career to take a look at trucking - there are various opportunities in the industry, If there’s anything Michael wants his podcast audience to feel, it’s empathy. He’s part of the trucking family who’s been there, who’s felt similar challenges and chases after the same wins. Like Life By The Mile, Michael wants to bring the community together through informative, relevant content that inspires everyone to deliver excellence every time. Don’t miss this great discussion, and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

George Thellman

Technology serves many purposes, but at its core is a very simple yet relevant function: to help make things efficient. In the trucking industry, today technology can do so much for drivers, owner operators, and other stakeholders especially if advancements are embraced and put into practice. Safety, in particular, can be positively impacted by analytics and tech. George Thellman of LYNKS by RAN Transportation is a big proponent of streamlining operations through technology - a single sign-on on a platform to start the day for drivers, digitized paperwork instead of manual processes, and many more help the back office and especially drivers save time. As the daily workload is made easier by technology, imagine the domino effect that helps ease the work-life balance of drivers, employees, and have long-lasting benefits for owner operators and the industry. Don’t miss this conversation with George Thellman on Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks. Join in and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Bill West

Delivering excellence means driving safely - protecting yourself, your cargo, and other motorists on the road. This is especially challenging to someone, like a truck driver, who spends countless hours facing various challenges on the road like bad weather conditions, other motorists, or even battling drowsiness or emergency situations. This is why Bill West’s voice is important in the trucking industry - he has logged over 3 million safe driving miles without a preventable accident while operating a commercial motor vehicle for over 30 years, is experienced in CMV Driver training, a new employee (Driver) onboarding and road testing, orientation, and ELD training, and continues to do highway safety demonstrations. Safe driving for Bill is not just a skill, it is a mindset. Listen to the latest episode of Life By The Mile featuring Bill West, and join the conversation by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

Clark Reed

In today’s episode of Life By the Mile, we sit down with Nussbaum Transportation’s Clark Reed on the road as he talks about how truckers today can make their voices heard on important industry issues online. He cites the FMCSA’s proposed rule that would require the installation of speed-limiting devices on trucks, buses, and multipurpose passenger vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds, and how commenting on FMCSA’s website can help spark discussion before it moves forward. Go to https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov and leave your opinion there. He also encourages more truck drivers to take advantage of online movements to help make the world better, such as his Three Pieces a Day social media movement, where he encourages everyone to pick up three pieces of trash on the road and dispose of them properly. Whether it’s impacting serious industry decisions, helping clean up the environment, something funny to help drivers unwind after a long drive, or listening to the Life By The Mile podcast - Clark wants truckers to enjoy being online.

Bob Rutherford

The best stories from the road come from someone who has put in the miles. Bob Rutherford is a 50-year veteran of the trucking industry, and thirty of those years were as a member of the American Trucking Association/Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) where he earned both the Silver Spark Plug and Recognized Associate awards for his contributions to the industry. And boy does he have some stories - from his thoughts about the future of trucking, autonomous trucks, how artificial intelligence and data can help the industry streamline processes, and how reading trucking industry news reminds him of past industry events and how we should learn from history. The Truck Stop Philosopher, Bob Rutherford, sits down with Life By The Mile for one of the most colorful episodes of the podcast. Comment your thoughts on the episode below.

Dean Croke

If you love trucks, if you’re interested in freight tech, this episode is for you. DAT Freight and Analytics Principal Analyst Dean Croke is back on Life By The Mile to talk about how analytics and data tell stories about drivers, and how explaining what to do with the information can help carriers take huge steps forward in terms of improving business processes, reducing costs, and becoming better in 2022. “The more data you have, the more patterns you find”, he points out.

Christopher Krabbenhoft

The most important thing that truck drivers give companies is the time away from home or their families - and the sooner companies make things more efficient in terms of supporting drivers, the better the relationship becomes. And hopefully, the easier it becomes to improve retention. There are so many ways to do this, but Magnum’s Christopher Krabbenhoft says the fastest way is to get everyone up to speed - learning and adapting to new technologies because the industry will keep adding new ones. Being progressive means adapting to things to help us save time in the trucking industry. Christopher sits down with Life By The Mile in an episode filled with insights on user-friendly technology and data that helps truckers on the road, the best culture to have for driver retention, and more.

Jesse Peele

What do you love most about trucking? Is it service to America? A stable career to provide for your family? A career with no boss looking over your shoulder? Seeing all states in all seasons? In what could be one of the most fun and engaging episodes yet, Life By The Mile sits down with Jessie Peele, who talks about the beautiful things truck driving has helped her experience. Jessie’s had a colorful beginning to her driving career - from city bus driving to Medicaid disability transport, Jessie found her way to FreightWorks upon the recommendation of a friend, and it seems as if Jessie found a valuable partner to help her achieve her goals. Jessie also talks about how trucking has toughened her up - driving through the worst weather, learning tips and tricks along the way to overcome challenges, and proving her skills. For Jessie, even these challenges are beautiful. It’s not always the destination: it’s the journey. Listen to Jessie talk about her foray into trucking, her experience backing up her truck for the first time, the best food spots she’s been to, taking photos of truck driver pets, and her advice to motorists to share the road with truck drivers in a can’t-miss episode of Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Boyce Tucker

Driver Boyce Tucker is married to a woman from Ukraine. His wife wanted to bring her mother to the States this year, but that proved difficult as the situation in their home country started to unravel and tensions rose. It didn’t help that her mother’s health issues would make travel more difficult. As a veteran, Boyce has always stood for peace while he was in the service, and upon coming home all those years ago he has always made family his priority. As he and his wife stood undeterred by the difficult situation, Boyce feels thankful that more people in America share the same values, especially when it comes to protecting family, and are willing to go the extra mile to lend a hand. Listen to the Tucker family’s rescue efforts as Life By The Mile tells #truckdriverstories with FreightWorks’ own Boyce Tucker.

Ed Gibbs

Have you ever felt like you were at the right time? It’s a universal assist when everything falls perfectly into place, and you’re exactly where you need to be. Mr. Motorkote Ed Gibbs speaks of many instances where he was just at the perfect place at the perfect time - reading two 30-second commercials that launched his radio career, meeting Kenny Rogers, and his role in the massive launch success of Motorkote all those years ago. Sit back and relax this Friday with Life By The Mile as we talk to Mr. Motorkote about marketing, radio, and lucky breaks that turn into life-changing moments.

Shain Ferriss

Shain Ferriss has been living the #truckdriverlife. Even today as the president of his own company Greenmiles Inc., Shain continues to reminisce about some of the best places to drive through, his hole-in-the-wall food spot discoveries, and tips to both truck drivers and motorists so that we can all have a safe time on the road. In any capacity, being in the trucking industry prepares you for so much in life - it toughens you up as a professional, you become better at handling people, and your drive for excellence grows. The knowledge you gain and the experience you get give you courage, that whatever life throws at you, you just keep on trucking. Just like Shain did. Listen to Shain share his experiences on Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Jen McQuiston

We live in an age where online services and apps are created daily to help make life easier. For businesses, especially in the trucking industry, some of the best apps and services are those that help streamline operations. If it can simplify a process, then the faster freight gets shipped out. Drivers get more time, businesses save more resources. That desire to streamline and simplify is at the heart of truckstop.com’s efforts. If you’re a driver and you’ve delivered, they want you to get paid immediately. If you’re a broker, you should be able to post loads and carriers should be able to search for available loads in real-time. Director of Product Marketing Jen McQuiston presents truckstop.com’s services as the best way to remove any friction, and to make the processes for drivers and carriers as smooth as possible - offering a wide range of problem-solving products outside of their load board to help companies ship more freight faster, profitably. Her vast experience in product marketing and passion for helping the trucking industry move forward makes for a great conversation as she sat down with Life By The Mile to talk about all things freight, and how new technology can help the industry deliver excellence everyday.

Gary tetz

Many trucks stood out at the 50th Mid-America Trucking Show - massive rigs with bright colors, customized trucks, and eye-catching designs. But those who know their history caught a true showstopper at the heart of the expo - a 1937 Linn Halftrack with a Hercules engine, owned by Mr. Gary Tetz. He also was able to secure a photo of the very same tractor in action back in 1962, working on a town road and snow plowing. While Gary has a decorated story as a business owner, he takes special pride in being a savior of history - he doesn’t just collect trucks for the sake of collecting. He takes their history and passes them on to everyone willing to listen. Do you dream of having your own collection of vintage trucks? Listen to Gary’s story as he sits down with Life By The Mile, delivered by FreightWorks.

Chris Gonzalez

Chris Gonzalez has been around the block in almost all aspects of the trucking industry - he was a lumper before he joined the military, became a bilingual fleet manager, freight agent, brokerage manager, and now Clean Harbor’s Driver Recruitment Engagement Manager. With the industry looking highs and lows, Chris wants the trucking industry to shape up while enjoying the ups, so that they’ll be ready for any downs. From driver retention, business longevity, and knowing your company’s cost-per-mile, Chris sits down with Life By The Mile in a heartfelt, highly informative, and entertaining conversation about his passion for the trucking industry - in his words; “Once trucking gets in your blood, it never leaves.”

KellyLynn McLaughlin

There was a time when truck drivers were also called “Knights of the Road”, honor-bound to carry America’s economy, deliver every single day, and help out drivers-in-distress when needed. Truck driving remains to be a noble job that allows one to enjoy the freedom of living life on the open road. When Women In Trucking was founded in 2007, only 3% of America’s truck drivers were women. It has since grown to 10% in 2020, and they hope to encourage more. In medieval times, there was no female counterpart to Knights: the Women In Trucking Association is looking to change that today, as they work to have more women become part of the noble family of the open road - no need for Lordship or Patents of Nobility. Follow the rules. Respect your fellow drivers, men and women. Deliver excellence. Kellylynn McLaughlin of the Women In Trucking Association speaks to Life By The Mile about the doors that could open for women who consider a career in the trucking industry - as truck drivers, operations, and eventually owning their own truck company.

Heather DeBaillie

A long time ago, there were no alternatives to how to weigh your truck and trailer. Finding truck scales can be a tedious process that can waste a very precious commodity that we can never make back - TIME. While these are all necessary steps to make sure that drivers and their trucks remain safe while on the road imagine the time spent on this process: Drive truck to the scale Get out of the truck Proceed to the truck stop Wait in line Pay for the service Go back to the scale Get the truck weighed Go back to the truck stop for the receipt This is what Heather DeBaillie of CAT Scale Company wants to address with the WEIGH MY TRUCK APP - where you can pay for your transaction and get a weight ticket- all without leaving the cab of your truck. More than convenience for the driver, the time spent by streamlining the payment process can allow for faster time to get back on the road and deliver excellence. Life By The Mile talked to Heather about the Weigh My Truck app, CAT Scale Company’s other efforts for trucking, and many things in between on this episode.

Wendy Bartz

What do companies need to do to become one of the best trucking companies to work for? Whether it’s adapting to new technology or streamlining application processes, trucking companies in 2022 are moving forward and looking to implement solutions to challenges and problems so that they can grow as a company, have the best drivers in their families, and improve retention rate as we roll through the year. While technological solutions are being utilized, the heart of trucking still beats to a familiar cadence - Respect. Family Time. Good Pay. All of which are addressed through genuine human connection. This is what DriverReach stands for - addressing challenges and solutions of the lifeblood of the trucking industry and making sure both drivers and their companies are put in the best positions to deliver when it matters the most: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Life By The Mile engages DriverReach’s Wendy Bartz in a heartfelt conversation about gratefulness for America’s truck drivers, moving stories about women in the trucking industry, and the challenge of solving problems so truck drivers find what they always want - to fit in with the best trucking company to work for, according to their needs

Jeff Harmening

Aside from navigating through industry trends, the transportation and logistics industry is working hard to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat climate change. In the next few years, the American Petroleum Institute is looking at significant improvements especially concerning the trucking industry with the development of new diesel engine oils. The new category of engine oils will not only be more environmentally friendly but also will provide groundbreaking improvements in terms of engine care and performance, according to API senior manager Jeffrey Harmening. Life By The Mile sits down with Jeffrey to talk about the outlook of new oils under development and the international market.

Mike Roeth

Imagine driving a truck in a world with better fuel economy - more work done for less cost, and a lot of time saved. That’s the future that the North American Council for Freight Efficiency envisions in the future. For NACFE, there are many ways to achieve better freight efficiency that truck companies should be looking at right now, and that is at the heart of their advocacy. NACFE Executive Director Mike Roeth joins Life By The Mile to talk about the latest studies in achieving better fuel economy for trucks, including the latest feedback on electric semi-trucks, as NACFE continues to champion the use of the latest technology for the industry to thrive as it drives into the future.

Lindsey Trent

How can trucking companies reach out to the next generation of drivers? It is important for every company to entice more young talent to start their careers in the trucking industry. There are many career opportunities in the trucking industry, and the challenge is to present these to young people in a way that is aspirational, enticing, challenging, and fulfilling. Here’s where the Next Generation in Trucking Association steps in to help, as they promote trucking as a positive, fulfilling, and rewarding career for young people. NGA President and Co-founder Lindsey Trent sits down with Life By The Mile to discuss how they are helping create more CDL driver and diesel tech programs around the United States, educating parents, teachers, and school counselors about the benefits and opportunities in trucking, and foster community for young people in trucking. Earn well, see the world, and make new friends that become family. For NGA, FreightWorks, and Life By The Mile, this sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime we’d like to share with the world.

Rachel Gilbert

When drivers look for the best truck companies to work for, they consider more than just the highest paying truck companies or the promise of more home time. And when recruiters find the particular deep why, or a set of specific needs their company can supply, they find that their new driver-partners go the extra mile just because they as a company were willing to do the same. Forward Air’s Director for Talent Marketing and OTR Development Rachel Gilbert sits down with Life By The Mile to share how genuine connections make a big difference in having new driver-partners - how drivers look for companies who share their values, who make an effort to connect with them, and more importantly, companies who are true to their word. For truck drivers tuned in - can you share what you found in your current company that ultimately helped you decide to make the company your new home? Leave a comment below to join our conversation.

Kaylee & Jordan

Kaylee Nix is one of FreightWaves’ most outstanding voices - she is the lead anchor and producer of FREIGHTWAVES NOW, a daily 2-hour news program, as well as the host of At Your Doorstep. And what better way to get a pulse on the latest in the industry than by attending the TIA 2022 conference. Life By The Mile got to catch up with Kaylee and FreightWorks’ own Jordan Kidd, who also attended TIA 2022, to get an update on what issues are being discussed, what solutions to current industry challenges are being presented, the latest in tech trends, and all the other conversations.

Grace Sharkey

Technology, Strategy, and the Supply Chain. Freight Tech Nerd, FreightWaves writer and podcaster Grace Sharkey is passion personified. She believes that adapting to technological advancements in the industry can positively impact the experience for everyone in the supply chain - the one industry that she believes affects everyone. Through her two podcasts on FreightWaves, and with her upcoming show on SiriusXM, Grace wants to create and share content to help other people gain a better understanding of the supply chain, an appreciation for the latest freight tech, and anything worth sharing. Life By The Mile is delivered by FreightWorks.

Dr. Mark Manera

Life on the road for truck drivers is serious business, and if their health is neglected, it could lead to serious health problems as well. The Center For Disease control found some common health problems among truck drivers - obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. If these problems are left unchecked, it could very well lead to them losing their commercial driving license. Dr. Mark Manera, founder of The Trucking Fitness Company and podcast co-host of Merging Lanes recognized this problem and wanted to help companies provide solutions. Healthier drivers are happier and are able to keep America moving. Life By The Mile sits down with Dr. Manera to talk about major steps taken towards helping drivers achieve better health, how companies can sustain health and wellness activities, and much more in this episode full of care and compassion for America’s highway heroes. Have you experienced health problems on the road? How did you manage? Join our conversation in the comments section.

Max Farrell

Without trucks, without truck drivers, America stops moving. It is important to make sure that the trucking industry’s heart and soul are always heard. But the reality of the situation today is that there is still a high turnover rate with truck drivers - they work for a company for a few months, then they seek opportunities elsewhere. There could be a lot of factors that lead to this - but what if we could do away with assumptions and get actual feedback and data? That’s what Max Farrell, CEO and co-founder of Workhound wants to accomplish for America’s truck drivers and company owners. Workhound gathers feedback from the drivers, compile it into information, and provide this to company owners, who now have a more concrete set of data that they can use to foster better relationships and form stronger bonds of partnerships with their drivers. Life By The Mile talks to Max about the step-by-step process of Workhound and how big of a help they have been to several companies in the trucking industry. What did you like most about this conversation? Let us know in the comments section below. Life By The Mile is delivered by FreightWorks.

Dean Croke

Dean Croke has seen most of it, if not all of it, in the trucking industry. He has a strong background in trucking operations, data science, business intelligence, data analytics, and so much more. As the trucking industry evolves, so too must company owners and their approach to improvement with more data-backed decisions. Life By The Mile sits down with DAT Freight and Analytics’ Principal Analyst, to talk about market trends, what data companies should study, and a whole lot more.

Ellen Voie

Ellen Voie founded the highly regarded Women In Trucking (WIT) association and currently serves as its president. She is widely regarded and internationally recognized as an authority on gender diversity and on the inclusion of women in careers in transportation. In this podcast, she discusses some of the findings of her research on these timely topics, along with giving a review of a white paper on female driver safety. Do women married to drivers feel abandoned? Can these stress-filled relationships survive? How does a family cope in healthy ways when a parent (in most cases a dad) is gone for periods of time? It’s real talk, authentic, and from the front lines. You won’t want to miss this conversation!

Riley Holland

Riley Holland is a Heavy Duty Segment specialist for Daimler Trucking. She comes to this podcast conversation with a background in finance and a heart to support industry advocates like Freightliner’s highly regarded Team Run Smart. Together with Team Run Smart's PRO spokesmen, and active promotions across media platforms, she is helping the marketplace stay abreast of vital new developments. And as a woman in the trucking and logistics workforce which has been mostly male, Riley also adds insights on navigating and thriving in this changing and sometimes chaotic world. Important discussion!

Henry Albert

Henry Albert, based in Laredo, TX, has decades of driving experience and is an owner-operator with Albert Transport, Inc. Traveling across the country as a Freightliner “Team Run Smart PR0," Albert shares the rare wisdom born from his faithful years looking through the windshield at busy highways, blessed byways, and everything in between. In this episode, Henry speaks of the attitudes that contribute to making successful drivers, talks about the power of camaraderie, and offers a few practical tips to increase fuel efficiency, safety, and overall job satisfaction. The Freightliner TRS PROs have wise words. Listen now!

Team Run Smart

Freightliner’s “Team Run Smart” is a powerful online portal, bringing truckers and dedicated Freightliner industry pros information and advice which can be used in the quest to become a more successful truck driver. Team Run Smart was launched in 2012 to provide owner-operators with a robust platform to empower and equip drivers, and this diverse and growing community offers a wealth of detailed information and advice for everyone! In this podcast episode, you’ll hear from three of the Team Run Smart PROs, including: •Clark Reed, OTR, Nussbaum Transportation, Hudson, IL •Henry Albert, Owner & Driver, Albert Transportation Inc., Laredo, TX •Jimmy Nevarez, Owner & Driver, Angus Transport Inc., Chico, CA Learn as you listen, and share with a friend!

Antonie Sadler

North Carolina driver Antoine Sadler is part of a large Walmart fleet, and he engages daily as a mentor to new women and men coming onto that celebrated team. His passion is for safety in every part of the industry and this is why he has emerged as a national advocate for building awareness of the terrible tragedy of human trafficking. As a current board member of “Truckers Against Trafficking” (TAT), he has worked tirelessly to help mobilize over 800,000 drivers to be front-line observers of suspicious behavior, while working with local law enforcement to hit the problem head-on. In this episode, he speaks of the magnitude of human and sex trafficking, giving simple ways professional drivers can assist in the fight; he also tells how to access free resources available to aid in the battle. It’s a sober look at this grave and a growing blight on communities across America while telling the powerful ways the trucking enterprise in the United States is helping roll back this serious societal disease. Be informed. Engage. Join the fight! FreightWorks is an ally in this critical effort and you can be too.

Arthur Almeida

Arthur Almeida is a Load Planner at FreightWorks while daily dealing with the delicate balance of honoring commitments to drivers, valuing client expectations, and ensuring company profitability in the midst of it all. Chemours is a strategic partner of our company and he’ll share the strategic efforts to ensure this customer relationship continues to build on its recent designation as “Gold Carrier of the Year.” It’s a free-flowing conversation unpacking the complex world of trucking and logistics and our FreightWorks values expressed in daily decisions by front-line staff. Enjoy the conversation!

Jordan Kidd

Jordan Kidd is the Director of Business Intelligence, Marketing & IT for FreightWorks having been there the first day the company was incubated and has been in the middle of most key developments along the way. We refer to a Swiss Army Knife as a tool having many functions. So it is for the day-to-day realities of a director assessing trends, managing data, crafting logistics solutions, and framing efforts to market our story and recruit drivers. This multitasking however is driven by practical questions we ask every day. How can we create a superior driving experience? What are the ways our transportation company can take safety to its highest standard? And, how can we craft a day-to-day path to meet and exceed customer expectations? This fast-paced episode will help you learn a little more about the “FreightWorks way of doing business” and the dedicated professionals like Jordan who help us keep our promises. Enjoy!

The Peterbilt Series - Part 2

Chris Davies, Fleet Manager for FreightWorks has a vigorous conversation with David Culpepper on how the Peterbilt advantage will be good for the company in the years ahead. You’ll see two professionals discuss how strategic partnerships benefit both enterprises and those solid personal relationships are the foundation for great, growing endeavors.

The Peterbilt Series Part 1

In this program David Culpepper, Sales Representative for The Pete Store LLC Greenville, SC discusses the Peterbilt Motors Company advantage and what a fleet upgrade will mean for FreightWorks’ professional drivers.

Eddie & Sue

Sue Martucci and Eddie Venatta have been very close friends since their time together at an everyday Missouri high school, facing what every teenager does. Yet, through a series of improbable events both ended up in the ever-changing world of trucking and logistics and more vitally as a FreightWorks driving team traveling to every corner of our beautiful America. Stories like this are too rare not to be told and in this episode, you’ll hear what it takes to be an efficient driving team, the role trust plays in managing hard days and long nights, and the great places to stop for a bite to eat when a driver’s personal engine needs fuel. You’ll also hear tips from veteran drivers who know that every day is unpredictable but an unshakable commitment to stay professional, do right, and keep your promises will make certain you have the grace for just another day.

Brett Harpe

Brett Harpe has driven professionally for decades and at FreightWorks for two years. He and his wife and driving partner Jerri know the rigors of the road and daily blessing of being part of a caring, compassionate FreightWorks driver community. He shares about his near death experience, the joys of driving with his wife (he calls her his “best friend”) and tips for safe and efficient driving on America’s busy highways. He and Butch also discussed the Mid America Truck Show (MATS) and plans FreightWorks has to flag the company flag, build industry relationships and also recruit drivers. Donning a FreightWorks cap while dressed in blue jean overalls Bret reminds us every driver has a story, our team reflects great diversity and yet in the end we’re a big family! He also makes it a special point to honor God who he says “guides each mile along the way.” You’ll be inspired by his story.

Clark Poole

Clark Poole is a key business influencer in western North Carolina with keen insights on the strategic placement of the FreightWorks corporate headquarters in terms of transportation trends, proximity to key markets, quality of life, and economic trends. As the outgoing executive director for the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce where he served for 10 years, he’s uniquely qualified to offer his assessments of how the company is in a prime location for growth, service, and innovation. Listen in to the wisdom born of experience and a passion for companies like FreightWorks which he characterized in this episode as being guided by innovation, excellence, and integrity.

Reg Moody

When having a conversation with FreightWorks recruiter Reg Moody the stories are so varied and interesting it’s clear to see how easily he’d relate to any prospective driver. In this episode, he shares how being a professional driver now helps him identify the right position for drivers who are looking to join the FreightWorks family. It’s another conversational journey into the colorfully diverse world of trucking & logistics.

Silas Freitas

Silas Freitas is the Dispatch Manager for FreightWorks and spends each day coordinating, supporting and leading the company’s vibrant team of Driver Managers. The ecosystem of trucking and logistics is ever changing and sometimes chaotic. Keeping a focus on driver safety, customer satisfaction with an unshakable commitment to improve is a tall order. But...in this episode we’ll hear from an energetically committed front-line transportation manager how real solutions improbably emerge from seemingly impossible challenges. Listen and learn!

Leigh Ann

Leigh Anne Harris is a caring, compassionate Driver Manager at FreightWorks who understands her primary role is to serve each driver for whom she’s responsible with respect, diligence, and excellence. She paints the picture in this episode of what FreightWorks drivers have to manage each day and the lengths to which she and her colleagues go to insure loads are delivered on time and with safety as priority #1. Her personal faith informs everything she does and in this open-hearted conversation, it’s so clear how consistent communication with drivers is the key to finding a smooth path for daily success. When FreightWorks says “we care for drivers” the evidence is found in the committed staff like Leigh Anne. She goes the extra mile! Find out why.

David Jensen

While some see a monotonous journey ahead whenever a driver starts the engine others like David Jensen anticipate their next adventures. They are guided by an understanding each new day has new lessons to be learned. Professionals with decades of faithful service and millions of miles across our beautiful, diverse nation invite a listening ear. In this episode, you’ll hear practical principles for being a great driver and also some of the best roadway eateries when it’s time to stop and take a break. Enjoy the conversational journey!

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