March 17, 2022

The Launch of “Life By The Mile” Season 2 And So Much More!

As we end the first quarter of 2022 powerful developments on many fronts have us forecasting a banner year even in the face of early signs of declining freight rates and all of the well publicized supply chain issues in the United States.

Here in our fast paced office we have new drivers and a growing client base with current customers wanting more services along with  word-of-mouth endorsements causing interest from people wanting to know more about the unique model of FreightWorks support. There’s never been a time where our company has been better position to grow and be profitable which makes it a great time for new drivers to come on board.

Our fleet upgrade is also  underway with new, industry acclaimed Peterbilt 579 Ultralofts with the anticipation of 75 new trucks just this year.  These driver comfort directed and mechanically superior driving solutions have created a positive buzz among our driving team and eager anticipation for the year ahead.

All these decisions and forces are leading the company to new heights and momentum. The entire team feels blessed and grateful as we welcome more men, women, solos, and teams to join our caring family.

There’s also excitement about our strategic staff growth including most recently new social media support and the anticipation of more aggressive marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every broadcast platform. We’re building the foundation for growth in a marketplace changing by the day.

As you read this blog and newsletter articles we are mobilizing a 9 person team for the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, KY (MATS) which is called “the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world.”

Held each year at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY, the show attracts 70,000+ attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad. No other show offers more trucking & logistics fare under one roof than the growing annual Mid-America Trucking Show. It’s simply amazing!

It’s been said by one prior participant, “there’s no setting representing America’s truck industry like MATS and someone has to see it to believe the powerful energy of having so many people from our industry altogether!”

If you’re attending, come see us at booth 17084. If this HUGE gathering is NOT on your calendar, let our Life By The Mile team be your guide. AND....each day of the convention we’re giving away a critically acclaimed "Green Egg" BBQ unit, a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves to COOK!

As we deploy our “Life By The Mile” podcast production team it will be in a new, state of the art booth (see us at #17084) in an exhibit setting (10X30) where industry experts, drivers, OEM staff, and every part of our diverse industry may have someone sitting in our new chairs! Our goals are to build the YouTube podcast audience while telling compelling stories and forging strong, durable relationships. We’ll also be doing some live streams from the MATS floor so stay tuned!

And, don’t forget to:

• Subscribe to our Life By The Mile channel on YouTube. Click and enjoy!

• Be an ambassador for FreightWorks and encourage driving friends interested in being a part of a very life-giving company to call 828-375-8885 or email us TODAY at

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