December 3, 2021

Thankful For Our Diverse FreightWorks Drivers And Their Selfless Service


   1.    the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
We can never say “thank you” enough to our FreightWorks professional driving fleet filled with men and women...solos and teams. Your compelling stories are as rich and diverse as this great country.

Our celebrated drivers see the beauty and grandeur of the United States through windshields sometimes streaked with mud and insects but with an unshakable resolve to get to the intended destination safely and on time.

It’s these unpredictable snapshots of vital, authentic lives we made a company commitment to feature twice weekly on our 30 minute podcast “Life By The Mile” delivered by FreightWorks.

I’ve never been a driver. But it’s been so easy to respect and value all the headaches and uncertainties encountered by these American heroes each day as mile markers fly by and gas tanks nearly empty wait for the next telescoped sign for a Love’s, Pilot or welcomed community truck stop.

Ribboned highways, boulevards, freeways, toll roads, bridges, inclines and steep grades test capabilities and courage while clocks lay out an often unforgiving schedule keeping its own mind to matters.

Yet...our drivers press through.

Even the most careful trip plan can feel like an out of balance wheel when nature, unforeseen events and the uncertainties of what’s around the next bend grab a trip by the wheel and a driver manager jumps in with a new plan.

Every load of course has a precise destination and sometimes a demanding receiver. Some come with very detailed shipping requirements, temperature status, trailer configuration or hazmat protocol.

Weather frequently doesn’t conform to predictions, roadway debris emerge from nowhere and often reckless automobiles weave around with texting or otherwise distracted drivers. Common folk forget just how big and heavy an 18-wheeler is and our drivers are scanning blind spots and safe spaces for quick corrections often demanded in just seconds.

Notebooks and i-Pads are filled with regulatory standards and laws each driver is daily accountable to follow. Unseen patrolling vehicles intent on enforcement are ready to roll just when you don’t expect a safety stop. It’s ten hours of managing complexities, occasional boredom with frequently interrupted sleep.

But for the chance to be what one retired driver recently called “the last American cowboys” our women and men climb into waiting cabs every day adding “clicks” on the odometers of a truck and their own lives.

FreightWorks just isn’t a company without our drivers. And...we’re a country that would grind to a halt within a few days without their daily and frequently unseen sacrifices.

We’re so grateful you stay on the road while fueling our American dreams! And today as every day you have our heartfelt thanks, prayers and blessing!

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