A little more about our podcast.

A cutting-edge podcast creatively communicating the fast paced and ever changing world of trucking and logistics. We define trends, a changing marketplace and the stories of drivers and their families.

Every company has a story. Each is different. Many are compelling. Some wait to be told. More then machines and the doings of each day you’ll often find behind the scenes incredible stories of real people pursuing their hopes, dreams and desires.

At FreightWorks our family of drivers and their families make up a rich pool of experiences worthy to be told which are  motivating to a viewer or listener.We’re a company primarily built on relationships. Drivers, customers, vendors and others along the way come to see a “Freightworks way of doing business” that measures success by the number of smiles and contented sighs more than just bank statements and corporate jargon.

“Life By The Mile”...delivered by FreightWorks is our company’s weekly podcast and prime communications tool to the broad world of American trucking and logistics. Each thirty minute episode and occasional longer form special will put out a buffet of interesting, motivating and provoking content focusing on the incredible lives of our professional drivers.

You’ll laugh, gasp, cry and shout out affirmations for men and women talking about their experiences over the road and all points in between. Buckle up! We’re ready to roll!

our main host

Butch Maltby

Butch Maltby is the Communications Director for FreightWorks and host of its new weekly podcast “Life By The Mile.” Colorful driver stories. Important trucking and logistics trends and industry developments. Human interest features and “behind the scenes” features. These are all part of original creative content distributed through a You Tube channel and popular audio platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Buzzsprout and others. Butch has traveled to every inhabited continent around the globe and 104 countries but loves calling western North Carolina home. He’s a dad to four adult children and grandad to seven grandsons. Faith, family, America’s freedoms and being part of an amazing Freightworks business enterprise are all his daily motivations. Our aim is to be the leader in telling the inspiring stories of America’s professional truck drivers

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